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  1. #1. Singing In The Shower
  2. #2. Eating Fast Food & Beverages
  3. #3. Burp Out Loud
  4. #4. Smelling Newly Printed Newspapers/& Books
  5. #5. Browsing Your Phone In The Dark
  6. #6. Laughing At Dark Jokes
  7. #7. Speak To Your Pet
  8. #8. Listen To Music When Riding A Bike
  9. #9. Lazing Out All Day
  10. #10. Eating At Midnight
  11. #11. “Borrow” Shampoo Bottles & Vanity Items From Hotels
  12. #12. Sleeping At Work
  13. #13. Any Kind Of ASMR Video
  14. #14. Going On A Shopping Spree
  15. #15. Watching A Children's Show As A Grown Adult
  16. Conclusion

15 Funny Guilty Pleasure Examples That Are Way More Relatable Than You Think

What are some best guilty pleasure examples? From singing in the shower or trying out weird food combinations, guilty pleasure are the stuff you do every day for Entertainment and fun, but you’re too embarrassed to admit about it for several reasons. 

Guilty pleasure examples can be found anywhere in your daily life, and it’s the relatability of these pleasures that makes us enjoy doing them the most. In this article, let’s take a look at these 15 most bizarre, yet relatable guilty pleasure examples that will make you feel exposed.


#1. Singing In The Shower

common guilty pleasures - Singing In The Shower Source: Google Images

Out of all the guilty pleasure examples, this one hits the hardest. Everyone, at least once in their life, has sung their lungs out in the shower. There are several reasons for this bizarre habit, such as emotional release, confidence boost, or maybe you just need a little practice for the upcoming karaoke session with friends. And you have all the shampoo bottles as your audience, as well.


#2. Eating Fast Food & Beverages

example of guilty pleasure - Eating Fast Food & Beverages Source: Google Images

Yes, we all know fast food is bad for our health, but sometimes we just can’t help it, since they’re too tasty. I mean, if elite athletes like Lionel Messi or Roger Federer still eat McDonalds once in a while despite their strict diet, we can excuse ourselves a little bit.

Besides, the fact that we are fully aware that fast food is harmful also contributes to why we eat it so regularly. Well, it’s called a guilty pleasure for a reason.


#3. Burp Out Loud

examples of guilty pleasures - Burp Out Loud Source: Google Images

While it’s important to keep your etiquette, there are few better feelings when eating than to have an all-out belch when your stomach is full. It is considered rude by a lot of people though, so do be mindful about when and where you should do it.


#4. Smelling Newly Printed Newspapers/& Books

examples of guilty pleasures for guys - Smelling Newly Printed Newspapers/& Books Source: Google Images

Have you ever bought a brand-new book or a freshly printed newspaper, and the first thing you always do is sniff the heck out of it? The ink odor isn’t exactly good for your health, but it has an unexpectedly alluring smell that tempts all of us to sniff it right away.


#5. Browsing Your Phone In The Dark

funny guilty pleasures - Browsing Your Phone In The Dark Source: Google Images

Surely, browsing electronic devices in the dark can’t be good for your eyes, but most of us still do it anyway. Especially when you are about to sleep and the room’s lighting system is too bright for you to shut your eyes immediately.


#6. Laughing At Dark Jokes

guilty pleasure example - Laughing At Dark Jokes Source: Google Images

While dark jokes can be offensive, it’s hard not to laugh at them if they’re delivered perfectly. I’m sure all of us have blurted out a giggle or two at a taboo joke, and then immediately feel guilty right after.


#7. Speak To Your Pet

guilty pleasure examples - Speak To Your Pet Source: Google Images

While pets can understand us in a way, they cannot fully comprehend every sentence that we speak. That doesn’t stop us from communicating with them, though. Speaking with your pet about your daily life and problems can be very therapeutic and stress-relieving, however, you would be too embarrassed to admit it.


#8. Listen To Music When Riding A Bike

guilty pleasures examples - Listen To Music When Riding A Bike Source: Google Images

This is probably one of the most dangerous guilty pleasure examples out there. Wearing a headphone to listen to music on the road can be fatal, as it distracts you from any potential danger. However, riding a bike for a long time can be boring, and having some music to listen to when you’re enjoying the scenery is one of the best feelings there is.


#9. Lazing Out All Day

guilty pleasures list - Lazing Out All Day Source: Google Images

Sometimes, you are just too tired to do anything productive, and you just lie on your bed all day, procrastinating. We all have been there, haven’t we? It’s also an efficient way to keep yourself rested for the upcoming week, so why not?


#10. Eating At Midnight

gulity pleasure - Eating At Midnight Source: Google Images

Eating at the wrong hour can be devastating to your body and digestive system, but it can’t be helped if you’re hungry at midnight. Especially if your hunger is keeping you from having a good sleep, some light snacks will solve the problem easily. Don’t overdo it though, as this habit can lead to obesity very quickly.


#11. “Borrow” Shampoo Bottles & Vanity Items From Hotels

list of guilty pleasures - “Borrow” Shampoo Bottles & Vanity Items From Hotels Source: Google Images

One of the best aspects about hotels is that they always store their soaps, shampoo, and vanity gear in cute little boxes that we can’t help but bring along a few back home. Some of us might feel a bit guilty doing this, but if the hotel allows it...


#12. Sleeping At Work

what are guilty pleasures examples - Sleeping At Work Source: Google Images

Work can be tiring at times, having to sit and focus 8 hours a day, overtime excluded. Therefore, we always try to find some gaps to take a quick nap so we can replenish ourselves. Be careful not to get caught by your boss, though, or you can start sleeping at home from the next day.


#13. Any Kind Of ASMR Video

what are some guilty pleasures - Any Kind Of ASMR Video Source: Google Images

To some of us, ASMR videos on the internet can be very stress-relieving. From those Mukbang compilations or people whispering directly to the mic, ASMR comes in many forms, and it offers a sensory experience that promotes feelings of comfort and relaxation. You wouldn’t want to recommend these types of videos to your friends, though.


#14. Going On A Shopping Spree

what is your guilty pleasure - Going On A Shopping Spree Source: Google Images

Just like many other guilty pleasure examples in this list, shopping is also a therapeutic way to help yourself from stress. The more you shop, the better you feel, and your bank account will also deplete along with your sadness.


#15. Watching A Children's Show As A Grown Adult

what's your guilty pleasure - Watching A Children's Show As A Grown Adult Source: Google Images

People often assume that as you grow up, your taste in movies also becomes more refined, but this isn’t the case. Grown-ups still love watching cartoons and kids’ shows, it is just that they won’t watch them when someone else is present.

Rewatching your childhood movie as an adult is a whole different experience from when you were young. However, not many grown-ups would reveal this to others.



Here are only a few of the many guilty pleasure examples in our daily lives that we can think of. While some of them may sound hilarious or harmful, guilty pleasures are a great way to help you relieve stress and cope with your everyday life if done right. For more similar articles about guilty pleasure examples, make sure to follow us right away.

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