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  2. Is Gorlock The Destroyer Trans?
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Gorlock The Destroyer: Who Is This Heavyweight Meme Shamed By The Whole Internet?

Gorlock The Destroyer of what? Weight scales, buffet, or elevators? I didn’t ask so, a random Redditor did. But if you are curious then you have come to the right place.

Internet memes, by large, are often culturally impactful and viral. In some cases, they originate from pieces of art. Other times, they depict the internet’s attitude to a person as a way to unite similar opinions and viewpoints. 

In this case, things are not at all out of the ordinary. Gorlock is actually not this person's name. And no, it’s not her pseudonym by choice either. 


The Meme Origin - Gorlock The Destroyer's Real Name?

Gorlock The Destroyer's Real Name Source: YouTube

Gorlock The Destroyer’s real name is actually Ali C. Lopez. She gained that horrid nickname after participating in the Whatever Podcast on YouTube. In the show, she weighed in with other baes and the hosts about modern women in late April.

Not long after, Twitter user @RichardRatBoy1 tweeted a picture of her alongside smaller baes, mockingly called her Gorlock the Destroyer for the first time.

According to Urban Dictionary, Gorlock means:

  1. Someone with no common sense, or thinks that he/she is better than they are, especially in sports.
  2. A person with an abnormaly large or disfigured head.
  3. A person who makes a huge mess while eating, especially while eating spaghetti.

I personally doubt the first meaning is true, unless Gorlock The Destroyer loves playing mind sport (her mind ran like 50mph in her Whatever Podcast’s debut though).

Other meanings include a fictional creature. As you can see, it doesn’t look very cute.

Gorlock The Destroyer's Real Name Source: YouTube

Either way, Ali C. Lopez has become a phenomena after that post. 

On April 26th, 2023, a Twitter user with the handle @TheOnlyDSC uploaded a modified version of the original clip, replacing Gorlock’s voice with that of Jabba the Hutt. This ignited the meme, amassing over 11,000 retweets and 76,000 likes within six days.

The edited clip itself garnered an impressive 4.1 million views in just one week.

Gorlock The Destroyer Source: YouTube

It's worth noting that @TheOnlyDSC indicated they weren't the original creator of the video, though the identity of the initial creator remains unclear.

As time passed, jokes centered around "Gorlock the Destroyer" began to spread across both Twitter and TikTok. Numerous users on these platforms shared clips from the podcast and mocked her badly.

For instance, on April 27th, a TikToker known as @zenooc_oshits shared a podcast clip where Lopez humorously referred to herself as a "baddie." A similar clip was also posted on Reddit's /r/CringePurgatory on April 30th, garnering over 2,700 points within three days.


Is Gorlock The Destroyer Trans?

Is Gorlock The Destroyer Trans? Source: YouTube

Is Gorlock a.k.a. Ali C. Lopez trans? One thing we can know for sure is that she proudly claimed that she is a trans woman, meaning she was assigned male as birth but later identified as a woman.

Despite the harassment and mocking on social media, Gorlock never shows a sign of stepping down as she claims in her videos that she is attractive to men and that she is proud of her own beauty. 

Ali C. Lopez exudes self-confidence and boasts a distinctive personality and style, undeterred by the challenges she's faced.

Fearlessly, Lopez shares her personal experiences, spreading positivity and motivating others to embrace their individuality. Through her journey, she reminds followers of the significance of self-love and accepting our true selves.

She has become a source of inspiration for countless individuals, urging them to break free from societal judgments and celebrate their uniqueness.


Gorlock The Destroyer's Social Media

Gorlock The Destroyer's Social Media Source: YouTube

She is an avid Instagram and TikTok user. Her Instagram has 43k followers. She also has a Cameo account. As of September 2023, her TikTok account is not visible.

She has got relentlessly mocked on TikTok for both her appearance and her speeches, which resulted in more than 15.4 million views in a single query “ali c lopez your man is in my dms” as she claimed she could easily get hit on by other girls’ boyfriends.


Weigh In With Similar Memes

Like Girl Noelani Renee Source: YouTube

Gorlock might easily the biggest, but she is far from the only meme we get from Whatever podcast. Other smaller memes include Like Girl Noelani Renee or Bangs, also criticized girls in the same show. 

The "Like Girl Noelani Renee" or "Noelanirenee On Whatever Podcast" viral video originated from a segment on the Whatever podcast featuring Noelani Renee. In this video, Noelani Renee repeatedly uses the word "like" a total of 37 times in less than a minute.

She discusses her disapproval of the "talking stages" in relationships. This clip gained popularity when it was posted in September 2022, eventually going viral in early March 2023.

Anahy Source: YouTube

Anahy, also known by the nickname "Bangs," is a 21-year-old OnlyFans model, student, and nanny. She gained widespread attention and became the focus of several viral videos and clips in early 2023 after appearing on the Whatever Podcast.

These clips attempted to portray her as "dumb" and showed her responding to the hosts and other guests on the show who challenged her viewpoints. The nickname "Bangs" refers to her distinctive hairstyle.



Gorlock The Destroyer is a viral meme on the internet, inspried by a trans woman named Ali C. Lopez. Though her opinions are often controversial, her confidence and distinctive personality really shine and that's something you can always appreciate.

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