Good Trouble Season 5 Episode 1 Cast and Recap: Why Is Evan Dead?

Have you heard of Good Trouble? Have you been searching for Good Trouble Season 5 Episode 1 Cast and Recap? It's a drama TV series that's a spin-off of The Fosters. The show follows the lives of two sisters, Callie and Mariana, as they navigate their new lives in Los Angeles. The first season premiered on January 8, 2019, with 13 episodes. The second season had 18 episodes and was released on June 18, 2019. The third season was released on February 17, 2021, with 19 episodes, and the latest season was released on March 9, 2022, with 18 episodes. And guess what? The fifth season was just released on March 16, 2023!
In the show, Mariana takes on the male-dominated tech industry, while Callie works as a clerk for a federal judge and faces the realities of the legal system. They both move into The Coterie in downtown LA and learn that living on their own is not as easy as they thought. The sisters must rely on one other to traverse the City of Angels, which presents new problems, neighbors, and loves. Tune in to Freeform on Thursday nights to catch the latest episodes of Good Trouble and follow the exciting adventures of Callie and Mariana.
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#1. Good Trouble Season 5 Episode 1 Cast

  • Cierra Ramirez plays Mariana Adams Foster
  • Zuri Adele plays Malika Williams
  • Sherry Cola plays Alice Kwan
  • Bryan Craig plays Joaquin Peréz
  • Emma Hunton plays Davia Moss
  • Tommy Martinez plays Gael Martinez
  • Josh Pence plays Dennis Cooper
  • Priscilla Quintana plays Isabella Tavez
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#2. Good Trouble Season 5 Episode 1 Recap

Mariana is struggling with guilt and responsibility over Evan's shooting in the latest season of Good Trouble. She must decide whether to let the guilt consume her or find a way to forgive herself. Additionally, Mariana has strong feelings for Evan, making the guilt even harder to handle. Her emotions towards Joaquin are also complicated so she's also trying to balance her feelings for Joaquin due to her guilt about Evan. But she still relies on him as they live together in the Coterie.
Mariana also needs her sister Callie, who is returning to support her. Callie has always been Mariana's best friend and grounding force. Without her, Mariana has been struggling to find her center. Their dynamic will remain the same as they support each other through their individual challenges. Fans of the show can look forward to seeing more of Callie in the upcoming season.
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Good Trouble Season 5 Episode 1 CastSource: TVLine

Hey there, Good Trouble fans! We know you're all dying to know what's going to happen to Evan after the season 5 premiere. Here's what we know: Evan was shot and is now in a coma in the hospital. Mariana is struggling with guilt and responsibility over the incident, and to make things worse, she's been made the acting CEO of Evan's company, Speckulate.
As Evan's condition hangs in the balance, Mariana is left with the difficult task of making decisions for the company while also trying to figure out what Evan would want. It's a lot of pressure, and it's taking a toll on her. But just when she needs it most, her sister Callie returns to support her.
We can't promise any answers just yet, but we're hoping that Evan pulls through. His relationship with Mariana is one of the most interesting parts of the show, and we can't wait to see how this storyline develops. Stay tuned for more updates!
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