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  1. Who Are Gina Miles The Voice’s Parents?
  2. Meet Amy Buler - Gina Miles Mom
  3. Meet Ryan Galey, Gina Miles’s Dad
  4. Gina Miles' Parents FAQs:

Gina Miles Parents Spotlight: Introducing Her Mom - Amy Buler & Her Dad - Ryan Gale

Let’s get onto the board of Gina Miles The Voice’s life, where family takes center stage. Let’s meet her parents, Amy Buler - Gina Miles mom, and Ryan Galey – her dad, and uncover the unique story behind Gina's amazing voice. Discover the crucial 'strands' that 'weave' her family's narrative, shedding light on the remarkable path they've traversed together and led her to the peak of success.


Who Are Gina Miles The Voice’s Parents?

Gina Miles The Voice’s Parents? Source: Google Images

Gina Miles has embarked on a captivating journey in the 23rd season of The Voice, a journey that has resonated with excitement and anticipation. Undoubtedly, her success owes a significant debt to the guidance of her talented mentor, Niall Horan.

However, Gina is quick to recognize the indispensable role her parents have played in molding her music career. Among them, her father emerges as a steadfast pillar of support, having nurtured her aspirations right from the start. As Gina navigates the path toward her dreams on The Voice, she's stirred by a curiosity about the driving forces behind her rise. The question lingers: who are the parents behind this burgeoning star?

Gina Miles finds herself blessed with the unwavering love of two devoted parents. In her life's narrative, Ryan Galey and Amy Buler hold distinct and significant roles, each contributing to the mosaic of her journey. Yet, it's undeniable that a unique connection flourishes between Gina and her father. Perhaps it's the bond forged through him raising her single-handedly, without the presence of a maternal figure. Nevertheless, Amy occupies a special place within Gina's heart; she has played a pivotal role in nurturing Gina's musical aspirations.

When Gina took a bold leap, relocating to Sacramento to wholeheartedly pursue her music, it was Amy who stood by her side with steadfast support. The enormity of transitioning to city life was met with Amy's unwavering encouragement, propelling Gina to swiftly adapt and advance toward her ambitions.

Today, Gina radiates her talent on The Voice, having solidified her position among the esteemed top 5 finalists. One standout performance featured her rendition of Taylor Swift's "Style," lauded by Judge Niall for its daring departure from her prior, more melancholic selections. This momentum carried into a resonant interpretation of "Nothing Compares 2 U" by Sinead O'Connor.

Niall's profound response to the latter performance resonated strongly, as he expressed his belief that Gina stands deserving of victory on The Voice. Clearly, the show's outcome aside, Gina's achievements stand as a testament to the unwavering encouragement and support emanating from both Ryan and Amy.

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Meet Amy Buler - Gina Miles Mom

Gina Miles Mom Source: Google Images

While Amy Buler might not be Gina’s birth mother, her love for her is as profound and genuine as if they were bonded by blood. 

How Old Is Amy Buler - Gina Miles Mom?

Amy Buler was born in April 1978, making her 45 years old today. She is the daughter of Robert W. Buler and Sheryl Buler. Her father, Robert "Bob" William Buler Sr., served in the United States Army from 1979 to 1992 after graduating from Suitland High School. He later worked as a cleaning project manager for shopping centers in the Midwest and East Coast. Unfortunately, he passed away on March 8th, 2019 at 67 years old.

Even though Amy lost her father, she keeps his memory alive by embracing his values of hard work and dedication. She applies these principles to her own life, both at work and personally. Amy's actions are a tribute to her father's influence, carrying his spirit forward.

Amy Buler’s Career

Amy Buler is a proficient professional with a versatile background. She served as a Programmer/Coordinator II at Carle Foundation Hospital in Urbana. Alongside her hospital role, she was instrumental in aiding her husband's entrepreneurial endeavors as an agent at Ryan Galey Agency. Amy's commitment to her work and skill in juggling multiple responsibilities made her an indispensable asset to both institutions. 

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Meet Ryan Galey, Gina Miles’s Dad

Ryan Galey emerges as a devoted father who embraced the role of a single parent with unwavering dedication, nurturing his daughter Gina Miles through every twist and turn. Despite the demands of his weekend DJ gigs, Ryan remained a steadfast presence in Gina's life. As she reached the age of 14, he recognized her burgeoning passion for music and eagerly introduced her to the pulsating heart of the music scene, going so far as to extend invites to his own shows. Today, the fruits of this nurturing endeavor are evident, as Gina shines as a standout contender among The Voice's elite Top 5.

Meet Ryan Galey, Gina Miles’s Dad

Ryan's heart swells with immense pride for his daughter, a sentiment that reverberates through his actions and words. His recent act of sharing her audition video on his Facebook page bears testament to this overflowing pride. The post, adorned with a resounding "BOOM! So proud," encapsulates the vibrant burst of emotion that her accomplishments have kindled within him. Through Ryan's steadfast commitment, Gina's journey flourished, resulting in a remarkable ascent to the forefront of The Voice's fierce competition.

How Old Is Ryan Galey?

Ryan Galey, born in May 1970, celebrated his 53rd birthday in 2023. His family history is marked by notable figures, like Carolyn J Galey, born in 1944. It's likely that her presence significantly influenced Ryan's upbringing, molding him into the person he is today. Ryan also holds a special place as the beloved grandson of Janice Galey, born on August 30th, 1939, and passing away on December 2nd, 2013. These family ties have left a deep impact, shaping not only his life but also the intricacies of his character. From these connections, Ryan has gained values and wisdom that now define who he is.

Ryan Galey’s Career

Ryan Galey's career path shows his strong dedication to his work, starting from his days managing restaurants. Today, he works as an insurance producer, showing his commitment to helping people. Even during the tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ryan's determination to positively impact lives through great customer service remains unwavering.

In 2022, Ryan took a big step by creating the Ryan Galey Agency. This business offers various insurance options, covering things like cars, homes, life, and businesses. Now, in May 2023, he's in his third year as an insurance agent with Farmers Insurance and his agency has been running for nine months. Ryan is encouraged by the teamwork among Farm agents in the area. They work together to give top-notch service to their clients.

Ryan's insurance career showcases his dedication to serving the community and making a positive mark in the world of insurance.

When faced with challenges at work, Ryan turns to the Michael Rumsey Farmers Insurance Agency for guidance. This speaks to his respect for his previous employer and highlights the collaborative nature of the Farm community.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Ryan is also passionate about DJing at Maximum Entertainment. He nurtures this interest while simultaneously building his insurance career. Ryan's educational journey underscores his versatility, having studied Liberal Arts and Sciences at Southern Illinois University, Broadcast Communications at Parkland College, and successfully completed the General Studies Program at Eastern Illinois University. With such a diverse background, it's evident that Ryan is unstoppable in following his passions and achieving success across various aspects of life.

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Gina Miles' Parents FAQs:

Gina Miles' Parents FAQs - gina miles mom Source: Google Images

1. Are Gina Miles' Parents Still Together In Marriage?

Yes, Gina Miles' parents, Ryan Galey and Amy Buler, are still married as of 2023. They have maintained their marital bond for over 7 years and are proud parents of 13 children.

2. How Many Kids Do Gina Miles' Parents Have?

Gina Miles' parents have two children. While Gina and her sister Lucy Galey were born to her father and biological mother, Lucy is often overshadowed by her more renowned sister. However, Lucy is no less accomplished. She graduated from Paxton-Buckley-Loda High School in 2020, achieving this milestone at a remarkable two years old. Lucy's dedication and work ethic are evident in her involvement with her family's business at the Ryan Galey agency. For those curious about Lucy's journey and achievements, her Instagram account (@luc.yj__) offers a glimpse into her life.

3. Where Do Gina Miles' Parents Live?

They live in Paxton, IL, in 2023.

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