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  1. #1. General Hospital Brook Lynn: What Happened To Her?
  2. #2. Why Brook Came Back?

General Hospital Brook Lynn: What Happened To Her?

Searching for information about General Hospital Brook Lynn? Brook Lynn was born to Ned Ashton Quartermaine and Lois Cerullo. Due to their separation, she was reared by her mother until she was a teenager when she began living with her father. She turned down a singing career despite the support of her mother and the encouragement of her new friends Georgie Jones and Dillon Quartermaine.

#1. General Hospital Brook Lynn: What Happened To Her?

General Hospital Brook Lynn Source: General Hospital
As a result of Lois's decision to hang around with criminal Lorenzo Alcazar, Brook's mother and she had a tense relationship, so Brook got even by dating Lorenzo's brother, Diego. Even though Maxie Jones escaped to Mexico with Diego and tried to help him figure out if Sonny Corinthos was responsible for his father's death, Brook was abandoned by Diego when he turned to her.
Even worse, she wound herself sharing a room with Maxie at UCPC. For example, when Brook was drunk at a party and photos of her without clothes were sent around, she immediately identified Diego as the stalker responsible. He wanted retribution since he believed Brook and the other teenagers were guilty of the death of Sage Alcazar at the Quartermaine residence.


In the beginning, Brook intended to leave Port Charles to pursue a career in music, but she returned a few years later when her trust money was terminated. Carly recruited her to distract Dante Falconeri from his relationship with Lulu Spencer, and she was compensated financially for her trouble. Dante's undying affection for Lulu meant that Brook had to resort to drugging him to set up a compromising situation between him and Lulu. Brook tried to pin Johnny's drugging on Carly when Lulu found out about it, but Carly turned the tables on her.
Refusing to ask for help from the Quartermaines, Brook found work as Nikolas Cassadine's companion at business events and other social functions. When actual feelings for one another began to grow, Elizabeth Webber tried to sink her claws into him. After Nikolas made his choice, he and Brook remained friends even though she pursued the opportunity to travel with a band.

#2. Why Brook Came Back?

General Hospital Brook Lynn
In November 2019, we see Brook Lynn again in Port Charles, this time cheering up with a drink at Charlie's Pub and chatting it up with Julian Jerome. She intended to use the Quartermaine family's influence to escape her contract with former manager Linc. Ned wouldn't save his daughter, so she made a deal with Valentin Cassadine to have him get rid of Linc in return for selling her shares in ELQ.
Ned had offered his daughter a position at ELQ, but Brook Lynn was fired after she publicly revealed a confidential agreement she and her coworkers had made. Brook's arrest resulted from her vengeful actions against Lulu for publicizing the news about her mistake. The two women had been fierce rivals for years. An effort at reconciliation was made later when Brook requested Lulu to borrow ex-boyfriend Dustin Phillips to write a new song with the two of them.

Is She Pregnant?

General Hospital Brook Lynn Is General Hospital Brook Lynn Pregnant?
In March of 2021, Brook Lynn arrived in Port Charles pregnant and shared the news with Valentin that he would soon become a parent. She also manipulated Valentin into giving back the Quartermaines' stolen ELQ stock by threatening to reveal the baby's father. Except for one detail: Brook Lynn wasn't pregnant. She joined forces with Maxie, who was legitimately pregnant, after realizing that she would have to fabricate a child for Valentin to keep his half the bargain.
To protect her child from Peter August, Maxie was ready to carry out the ridiculous baby-swapping plan. As a result of Valentin moving, his daughter Charlotte, and his bodyguard Yuri into the Quartermaine house to keep a close eye on Brook Lynn, it is now more difficult than ever to carry out this mad plan.


When Valentin got suspicious, Brook Lynn finally admitted to Valentin that he was not Bailey's biological father. Chase, however, stepped in and posed as the girl's father just before revealing the truth. When Brook Lynn fell for him, though, the police officer just added more confusion. Even after giving Louise back to Maxie, Brook Lynn didn't cut ties with Chase.
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