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  1. #1. Granny Police
  2. #2: Professional Panda Carektakers
  3. #3: Poop Collectors
  4. #4: Human Punching Bags
  5. #5: Porn Supervisor
  6. #6: Professional Medical Meddlers
  7. #7: “White Monkey”
  8. Recap: Funny Jobs In China You Won’t Believe Exist

Funny Jobs In China: Crazy Occupations That Make You Utter “What The Hell”

You may have heard of professional mourners or dog food tasters, but have you ever wondered what are the funny jobs on the other side of the globe? Even in modern times, China remains a somewhat mysterious land despite its popularity and vast culture, yet there’s one thing they also share with people anywhere in the world: Creativity when it comes to making money!

I kid you not, these jobs actually exist and some of them even make good money. Don’t believe me? Let’s roll and see.


#1. Granny Police

Granny Police - funny jobs Source: Google Images

The first in the list of funny jobs in China is "Granny Police". Meet China's "Granny Police" – not your typical law enforcement officers. They don't chase down criminals, tote guns, or sport uniforms. Instead, they're the guardians of morals and Chinese culture in their neighborhoods.

And don’t worry! They are not exactly the Asian version of Karen (though it sounds more like one of the craziest jobs in existence though.)

These "granny police" are on duty to ensure that everyone behaves in line with society's moral and cultural expectations. They make sure youngsters respect their elders, enforce family planning policies (like the One Child Policy before 2016), and ensure that people are where they should be doing what's expected of them. 

They come in both grandmas and grandpas, serving as a constant reminder that Big Brother is always watching.

granny police - funny jobs Source: Google Images

These "volunteer" senior citizens make for less intimidating government representatives than uniformed officers. Plus, Chinese culture places a high value on respecting elders, putting them in a prime position to ask about your business, suggest where you should or shouldn't be, or even give advice – like you should lose weight or have kids.

But one darker side of this job is that they had something to do with the former One Child Policy. Sometimes that meant convincing women to have abortions if they got pregnant a second time. 

And since the police can't watch every lady in China, these old women volunteers took on the role of neighborhood monitors, offering authoritative yet grandmotherly persuasion.


#2: Professional Panda Carektakers

Professional Panda Carektakers - funny jobs Source: Google Images

Have you seen that? It’s a supposedly fake bear that is taking the internet by storm when it appears in a Chinese video. People believe this is someone in a bear costume despite the zoo’s effort to claim it’s not.

But people have all the right to believe so because there are actually humans in bear or panda costumes to take care of the cubs.

In China's Wolong National Nature Reserve, panda caretakers have been seen sporting this unique fashion for two reasons.

Firstly, they're trying to create a real wildlife experience. You see, pandas raised around humans can become overly attached, which doesn't bode well for their survival in the wild. 

caretakers don panda disguises - funny jobs Source: Google Images

So, caretakers don panda disguises, sometimes even smearing them with panda "essentials" like urine and feces. Talk about commitment! Some keepers go the extra mile by becoming tree impersonators. Now that's dedication.

Secondly, it's all about minimizing stress. Imagine being a fluffy panda cub, cuddled up with your panda mom when suddenly a strange, hairless bipedal creature approaches. Terrifying, right? That's why they dress up – to keep the panda kiddos calm and collected.

Take Tao Tao, for instance. At six months old, he and his mom, Cao Cao, were moved to a wild training area. Tao Tao had his first five years never laid eyes on a human face.

These pandas get more human attention than most celebrities. And the lengths these caretakers go to care for them? Truly heartwarming. As for the costumes, well, let's just say they're a bit more "nightmare" than "nightwear." This should be on the funniest jobs bucket list for animal lovers, though.


#3: Poop Collectors

Poop Collectors - funny jobs Source: Google Images

Meet China's poop collectors, the unsung heroes turning waste into "black gold." They transform processed human waste into valuable fertilizer, a billion-ton export for the country. 

In areas with unequal access to modern sanitation, these collectors play a crucial role. While their profession may not be glamorous, it's one of China's oldest and helps bridge income gaps. So, here's to the folks who turn our bathroom business into an environmental and economic win! Funny occupations for watchers, maybe, but not for the workers.


#4: Human Punching Bags

Human Punching Bags - funny jobs Source: Google Images

Ever felt the urge to punch something when you're mad? Well, in China, there are folks who've turned that into a moneymaking gig. Meet the human punching bags. They earn a pretty penny, up to RMB 20,000 (that's USD 2,778) per month, by letting others vent their frustrations on them. Sadistic? Yes. Mutual respect? Maybe. Funny professions for weaklings? Nope.

Not a bad gig, as long as you can stomach a few dozen punches to the gut every day!


#5: Porn Supervisor

Porn Supervisor - jobs you didn't know existed Source: Google Images

Are you a film aficionado with a knack for the dirty side of cinema? Well, here's a job that might tickle your fancy: China employs a legion of film judges. Their mission? To watch every remotely pornographic video on the web. 

Some judges claim they sit through a staggering 700 videos each week (novice number, pff), carefully scrutinizing them to determine if they meet Chinese censorship standards. If a video is deemed too racy, these judges swoop in to cleanse the internet, making it "clean and safe" once more.

a legion of film judges - funny jobs Source: Google Images

But wait, before you rush to submit your application, there's a catch: you must be married to join this unique profession. However, if you're feeling adventurous and don't mind working for free, you can still be part of the action. 

Over 3,000 Chinese men and women voluntarily apply for these obscure jobs for the Beijing Internet Association. So, whether you're in it for the money or simply want to keep the internet pure (and your soul dirty), there's a role for everyone!


#6: Professional Medical Meddlers

Professional Medical Meddlers - random jobs Source: Google Images

Ever heard of medical troublemakers? It's a bizarre job that takes the already strained doctor-patient relationship to a whole new level. Here's how it works: when a patient doesn't get better or sadly passes away, their family might hire individuals to stage protests against the doctor right outside the hospital. Funny jobs for sociopaths? I guess.

This disruption makes it even harder for hospital staff to do their jobs. Weird, but not in a good way. 


#7: “White Monkey”

“White Monkey” - secret jobs no one knows about

The job’s name is quite self-explanatory. Chinese companies have had a long time hiring white people to make their events and business encounters look more expertise and professional.

These supposedly white actors only have to be there, pretend to be an expert in their fields, and casually nod to whatever people say. It’s not a very stressful job, but the pay is rather significant.

Let’s take a look at an account by Redditor idofeelbad about his time as a fake bartender (amongst other comments about no less funny jobs)!

“White Monkey” - uncommon jobs Source: Google Images

Late to comment but I’ve done this

When I was living in Shanghai I saw an ad on MySpace (yeah, it was like 2006) asking for foreign bartenders for a one-time gig. I was working as a bar manager at the time and would occasionally bartend, so I figured I would apply. 

I got a reply right away and was told I’d have to travel to Beijing for the event but they would pay me 5000rmb which was like $625 at the time. I met up with this Swiss guy who was also hired for the gig and we traveled together and split a hotel room to save money. 

We joked about what ridiculous stuff they’d make us do for getting paid so well for a couple hours of work.

“White Monkey” - unusual jobs that pay well Source: Google Images

Turns out the event was for some make-up launch at this fancy hotel and we we only had to make this weird, blue martini drink that matched the color of the brand. Basically, we stood in this little bar in the middle of the room mass producing these drinks and setting them on the bar for people to grab.

There were some announcements and models coming out and showing off the new products, when suddenly all the spotlights turned to the bar and the announcer said, “Please turn your attention to the bar for a flair bartending demonstration!”


“White Monkey” - weirdest careers Source: Google Images

Myself and the Swiss dude start randomly throwing the metal tumblers around, blinded by the spotlight. But there was a third bartender I haven’t mentioned yet. This 20-year-old French kid was also hired for the gig. 

We didn’t meet him until the event started so it wasn’t until afterword that I learned he worked at Bar Rouge in Shanghai and was a VERY talented flair bartender. So while the Swiss guy and I fumbled around, the French kid is throwing bottles in the air like a goddamn Cirque du Soleil juggler. 

Then he pulls out a lighter and a bottle of Bacardi 151 and starts blowing fireballs. Everyone is so enamored with him that they don’t notice the two sweaty guys nervously picking up the tumblers they kept dropping.

“White Monkey” - weirdest jobs Source: Google Images

We later thanked the French kid for saving our asses, which he said was no problem. “They pay us 4000rmb for this!” The Swiss Guy and I exchange guilty, knowing glances.

They paid this superstar 1000rmb less than us. We ended up drinking around Beijing that night and paid for his drinks but we didn’t have the heart to tell him what they paid us.


Recap: Funny Jobs In China You Won’t Believe Exist

weirdest jobs in america Source: Google Images

There you have it, those are some funny jobs in China that people couldn’t imagine actually exist. But all in all, it’s understandable, that humans always come up with the best ways to make money. Sometimes, it is also the government’s request that brings people to unexpected twists in their careers.

But no matter how weird or funny these jobs are, if they are beneficial to society, there’s nothing to judge, right?

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