20+ Funny Desktop Wallpapers That Will Make You 'Wow''

Do you remember the original Windows desktop photo? In fact, it's an image of an idyllic green hill taken by Charles O'Rear in California on a summer day. Although this painting called Bliss is extremely beautiful and can make people love to the point of admiration. However, after a long time of use, it can still become boring when users are too familiar with it because they have to see it every day every time they turn on the computer.
Because of work, we often have to stare at the computer screen for many hours a day, so why not try using more interesting and fun desktop wallpapers to make our eyes relax and happy? looks better? Layla has compiled 20+ hilariously genius and funny desktop wallpapers that will make you ‘wow’ right the first time seeing them. Wanna try it once?
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#1. This Is The View From My First Year Of University Bedroom.

funny desktop wallpapersSource: reddit

#2. How My Friend Returned My Computer After Fixing It

Source: reddit

#3. My Wallpaper Because Of You All...

My Wallpaper Because Of You AllSource: imgur

#4. The Best Wallpaper For A 4 Monitor Setup...

The Best Wallpaper For A 4 Monitor SetupSource: imgur

#5. Oh You!

Oh You!Source: boredpanda

#6. Coworkers Adding Heads To animals On Desktop Background

funny desktop wallpapersSource: imgur

#7. Ups

UpsSource: boredpanda

#8. Now I Want To Share My Desktop

Now I Want To Share My DesktopSource: reddit

#9. I Couldn't Think Of What To Make My Wallpaper, So I Did This

Source: reddit

#10. So I Created A New Desktop Background For My Dual Monitors At Work...

funny desktop wallpapersSource: imgur

#11. Chrome Vs Firefox

funny desktop wallpapersSource: clubbees

#12. My Desktop Set Up At Work

My Desktop Set Up At WorkSource: reddit

#13. This Is My Co-Workers Desktop. Amazing

This Is My Co-Workers Desktop. AmazingSource: reddit

#14. Explorer Is Terrifying

Explorer Is TerrifyingSource: reddit

#15. How To Organize Your Desktop Like A Boss

How To Organize Your Desktop Like A BossSource: imgur

#16. Funny Internet Explorer Desktop Picture

Funny Internet Explorer Desktop PictureSource: brightside

#17. Organization skills – level 90

Organization skills – level 90Source: imgur

#18. My Boss Is A 60+ Year Old Man And This Is His Desktop

funny desktop wallpapersSource: reddit

#19. I Secretly Added A Minor Detail To My Colleague's Desktop Picture. Me

funny desktop wallpapersSource: reddit

#20. Durden knows what's important.

Durden knows what's importantSource: imgur

#21. Three-pointer!

funny desktop wallpapersSource: imgur

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