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  1. Talking About A Grand Entrance
  2. Same Same, Different, But Still Same
  3. Sir, We Only Take Cash Or Card
  4. But Why, Why Would He Do That?
  5. If Elon Musk Is A Florida Man…
  6. The Immersion Is Real
  7. Tired Of Florida Man Already? How About A Florida Woman?
  8. A Rare Florida Man W
  9. What Do You Mean, “Again”?
  10. The Most Powerful Weapon There Is
  11. The Irony

11 Funniest Florida Man Stories That Will Make You Hold Your Head In Disbelief

What are some of the best Florida Man stories you can share? Besides its wonderful beaches and tropical atmosphere, Florida is best known as the whackiest and most unhinged state in the United States, and no one can come close. 

Florida Man is a popular term used by the internet to describe the chaotic citizens of the state, who would stop at nothing to create the most bizarre situation known to mankind. In this article, let’s follow us to learn about these 10 best Florida Man headlines, to see which funny crimes they commit this time.


#1. Talking About A Grand Entrance

Source: Google Images
This Florida man burst into a Hyundai dealership store wall and broke it open, with pants below his knees. It turns out the man wanted to rob the store, but the plan backfired miserably.

#2. Same Same, Different, But Still Same

best florida man stories: Same Same, Different, But Still Same Source: Google Images
A Camden County man named Raymond Martz was arrested after witnesses claimed they saw him masturbating on a Nassau County beach, before sniffing his own fingers. However, Martz denied the accusation, claiming he was only “airing his penis out”. One of the best of Florida Man moments right there.

#3. Sir, We Only Take Cash Or Card

best of florida man: Sir, We Only Take Cash Or Card Source: Google Images
Back in 2018, the PSLPD arrested a 23-year-old man as he tried to pay for his McDonald’s drive-thru meal using Marijuana. The suspect was found with approximately 11 grams of Marijuana on his body, and was taken to the St. Lucie County Jail for further booking.

#4. But Why, Why Would He Do That?

florida man best headlines: But Why, Why Would He Do That? Source: Google Images
Another day, another bunch of Florida Man’s crimes. This time, a man broke into a restaurant, stripped his clothes, then ate home-bought noodles while naked, and played bongos before leaving pantless. The whereabouts of his pants are still unknown.

#5. If Elon Musk Is A Florida Man…

florida man crimes: If Elon Musk Is A Florida Man… Source: Google Images
This time, we have a Florida Man driving his Ferrari off the dock and plummeting into the sea. When asked by police, he blamed Jesus for having told him to do so.

#6. The Immersion Is Real

florida man july 11th: The Immersion Is Real Source: Google Images
Christian Steward Oscar Nichols, 21, was charged with aggravated animal cruelty, as he was caught having sexual acts with a husky. At the time of the molestation, Christian was wearing a dog costume himself.

#7. Tired Of Florida Man Already? How About A Florida Woman?

florida man stories: Tired Of Florida Man Already? Source: Google Images

A Florida woman named Deanne Seltzer was arrested after she allegedly attacked her parents and chased her father with a 12-inch knife for refusing to take her to Outback Steakhouse, a popular steak restaurant chain.
She reportedly asked her parents to take her to dinner at a local Outback, but they refused.

Outraged, Seltzer attacked her parents with a knife, screaming “I’m going to kill you!”. Luckily, both her mother and father only sustained minor injuries.


#8. A Rare Florida Man W

funny crimes: A Rare Florida Man W Source: Google Images
Ever heard of freedom of speech? This Florida resident seemed to have taken it too seriously though. But hey, a win is a win.

#9. What Do You Mean, “Again”?

Weird crimes in Florida: What Do You Mean, “Again”? Source: Google Images
Apparently, this is not the first time that Reza Baluchi has tried to reach the Bermuda Triangle using this bizarre method either. He was sentenced to a seven-year confinement and a $40,000 fine. Should have used a fraction of that money to buy yourself a plane ticket, Baluchi.

#10. The Most Powerful Weapon There Is

Florida man: The Most Powerful Weapon There Is Source: Google Images
Robbery at a restaurant isn’t a new thing, but to perform a robbery using a finger gun is something that only a Florida Man can do. Edward Rodriguez, a Madison County resident, attempted to rob a Waffle House store using his finger gun, just to get his hands on some napkins and then walk out. He’s later captured and charged with unarmed robbery and assault.

#11. The Irony

Florida man stories: The Irony Source: Google Images

Ron Smith, 66, a Florida attorney, has been an aggressive advocate for overturning the law of wearing helmets ever since the late 1990s. He died in October 2020, ironically, in a motorbike crash, without wearing a helmet. His wife, Volpe, also died in the accident.

Floria Man Stories - Conclusion

Which of the above is your best Florida Man stories? Some of the Florida Man crimes above are straight-up comedy material, while others are just sad and tragic. It truly feels like nowhere else can match Florida in terms of madness and chaos, from wrestling with alligators to rob a bank with a finger gun.

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