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  1. Is FernGully: The Last Rainforest Live-Action Happening In 2024?
  2. What's The Movie's Rumored Cast?
  3. FernGully: The Last Rain Forest Live Action's Official Trailer
  4. Why FernGully: The Last Rain Forest Live Action Isn't Possible
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FernGully: The Last Rain Forest Live Action Rumor & Everything You Need To Know

Is FernGully: The Last Rain Forest Live-Action coming to theaters? FernGully: The Last Rainforest is one of the lesser-known animated movies in the 90s that didn’t originate from Disney. Telling the story of the fairy Crysta and her endeavor to save the magical rainforest, the movie was widely praised by the critics at the time for its inspirational message about protecting the environment.

Recently, the animated sensation is back on the radar, as a shocking rumor reveals that a live-action adaptation for FernGully is currently in progress? Is this rumor true? Let’s unveil this mystery together.


Is FernGully: The Last Rainforest Live-Action Happening In 2024?

ferngully the last rainforest 2024 Source: Google Images

FernGully: The Last Rain Forest isn’t exactly the most popular non-Disney show in town, but it was good enough to earn a cult fanbase upon release. And these fans were on their feet as a rumor about a live-action remake emerged on the internet recently.

This piece of news caused a huge commotion in the fandom, especially when it even followed with a well-made poster featuring a live-action Crysta, the show’s protagonist. In the poster, Crysta, rocking her iconic red fairy dress, flies towards a bushfire from afar. Surrounding her is the iconic background of the FernGully rainforest, with very vibrant and detailed vegetation.

Due to the hyper-realistic poster, many believe that the rumor is real and that 20th Century Fox is making a FernGully live-action movie. However, the poster turned out to be a fan-made one, and multiple reliable sources immediately debunked the rumor. But hey, at least it keeps the fandom active for a while.


What's The Movie's Rumored Cast?

ferngully the last rainforest cast Source: Google Images

According to the fan-made poster, the alleged movie’s cast features some of the hottest faces in the industry: Zendaya, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jim Carrey, Lukas Gage, and Emma Thompson. No specific roles are stated, but fans made some interesting guesses.

Fans believe that Zendaya will play the protagonist Crysta, as the two share some outlook fimilarities. Benedict Cumberbatch will inherit the role of Batty Koda from the late Robin Williams, while Jim Carrey is the perfect fit to play the villain Hexxus. Lukas Gage and Emma Thompson will portray Zak and Magi, respectively.

Alan Silvestri, who’s responsible for the 1992 movie’s soundtrack, is reported to make his return as well.

Of course, since the live-action adaptation is a hoax, we won’t get to see this talented cast in action together any time soon.


FernGully: The Last Rain Forest Live Action's Official Trailer

ferngully the last rainforest trailer Source: Google Images

As the live-action rumor isn’t true, there is no official trailer for FernGully from the original distributor 20th Century Fox. The fan-made poster doesn’t come with a trailer either, which requires much more effort and budget to make. 

However, you can still rewatch the original animated movie and its direct-to-sequel on Starz and Prime Video. You can also purchase and rent the film on different sites like iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Vudu.


Why FernGully: The Last Rain Forest Live Action Isn't Possible

With Disney’s recent acquisition of Fox, many fans hope the House of Mouse will adopt FernGully in the future. However, this feat is more difficult than we think. 

Firstly, while FernGully was originally distributed by Fox, Disney never owned the movie. The rights for FernGully still belong to Shout! Studios, and it would be a pain for the House of Mouse to negotiate for such a lesser-known title.

Therefore, it’s best not to expect too much for the live-action version of FernGully: The Last Rainforest to come in the near future. Especially when Disney still has a ton of other unfinished live-action projects such as Moana, The Princess and the Frog, and the Mufasa spinoff.


About FernGully: The Last Rain Forest

where to watch ferngully the last rainforest Source: Google Images

FernGully: The Last Rainforest introduces the enchanting world of FernGully, a lush and vibrant rainforest, comes to life. It centers around Crysta, a young fairy who possesses a unique connection to nature. One day, she stumbles upon Zak, a human who is shrunk down to fairy size, and together, they must save the magical FernGully from pollution and human’s grasp. 

As Crysta and Zak grow closer, they face a looming threat in the form of Hexxus, a malevolent spirit of destruction. With the help of their friends and magical powers, they successfully protect their beloved rainforest from Hexxus' dark influence.

ferngully the last rainforest live action Source: Google Images

While the box office records weren’t very impressive, FernGully is still widely praised for its environmental message, voice cast (with Robin Williams as Batty Koda), and wonderful music scores that bring out the magic of the forest.



It turns out the rumor about a FernGully: The Last Rain Forest Live Action movie is just a hoax, and fans may have to wait a very long time for it to happen. However, you can still revisit the original animated franchise through multiple platforms such as Prime Video and Starz.

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