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Fay Jewish Matchmaking - The Rising Star Fay Brezel's Bio, Age, Career, And Family

Attention all fans of the Jewish Matchmaking series! Get ready, as we are going to reveal the latest updates on the relationship status of Fay Brezel and Shaya Rosenberg, a couple whose on-screen chemistry has kept us on the edge of our seats.

In this article, we'll not only delve into Fay's bio, age, career, and family but also unravel the mystery surrounding her relationship with Shaya Rosenberg after Jewish Matchmaking. So, if you're curious, stay with us for an exciting ride!


Are Fay Brezel And Shaya Rosenberg Still Dating After Jewish Matchmaking?

Are Fay Brezel And Shaya Rosenberg Still Dating? Source: Google Images

One burning question that's been on everyone's mind is whether Fay Brezel and Shaya Rosenberg are still together after their appearance on Jewish Matchmaking. Fay once shared that their relationship had ended, which left her feeling unfulfilled. Right now, she's single and fully focused on her work.

Fay Jewish Matchmaking is a cheerful and optimistic entrepreneur who values health and wellness. She often covers her head, shoulders, knees, and toes as a strong commitment to her life of faith. So, it’s no surprise that she wants to find a partner who understands her values and her goals.

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In simple words, Fay's ideal man would be someone who is both secular and deeply religious. She knows this is a rare combination but believes it's worth waiting for. Her criteria for a partner include kindness, caring, optimism, and adherence to the principle of "shomer negiah" (no physical contact before marriage), along with a similar level of religious devotion.

Fay was excited when matchmaker Aleeza Ben Shalom introduced her to Shaya Rosenberg, an Orthodox Jew. So they clicked right away. They seemed like a perfect match on paper, and they went on three quick dates. However, as they got to know each other better, Fay realized that they didn't share the same level of religiosity, which is an essential aspect of her life. So, she had an open conversation with Shaya about their religious differences before deciding to part ways.


Fay Brezel With Netflix’s Jewish Connection

Netflix's new show, "Jewish Matchmaking," follows in the footsteps of "Indian Matchmaking" and takes us into the world of "shidduchim," an age-old matchmaking tradition for single Orthodox Jews entering into marriage. Our main focus is on Fay Brezel, one of the hopeful singles looking for love.

Growing up as a Jewish person, Fay has always embraced her culture. She shares that she feels lucky to have a family that taught her about religious values in a loving way right from the start. Because of this, she wants to find a husband who values being a devout Jew just as much as she does. This also means they both want to wait until they're married before getting physically close.

Fay Brezel With Netflix’s Jewish Connection Source: Google Images

The 28-year-old Flatbush, New York native is resolute in her beliefs and believes that these limitations guide her towards a purposeful and fulfilling life. She's seeking the help of matchmaking experts to find her Prince Charming because, in a world overflowing with choices, clarity can be hard to come by.

Fay is in good hands with her matchmaker, Aleeza Ben Shalom, who has already helped more than 200 couples find love. Aleeza takes a modern approach to the traditional practice of matchmaking, and her services cater to single, divorced, or widowed individuals looking for long-term relationships based on shared values, goals, personalities, and lifestyles.

Aleeza's matchmaking journey has taken her from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Pardes Hanna, Israel, due to unexpected opportunities arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, where she continues to work her matchmaking magic.


Fay Brezel's Current Marital Status

Fay Brezel's Current Marital Status Source: Google Images

After Jewish Matchmaking, Shaya and Fay went on a few dates and had a great time together. However, Shaya and Fay realized that they didn't share the same level of religious commitment; their lifestyles and long-term goals didn't quite match up. So they decided to end their relationship.

Fay is currently single and still on the lookout for a husband who shares her deep commitment to Judaism. Shaya continues to follow her on Instagram, even though she doesn't have many followers.


During the airing of Jewish Matchmaking, Fay kept her relationship status a secret. But considering her strict rules, finding a traditional Jewish man who practices abstinence before marriage on the show may have been tough for her.

Fay's co-stars on Jewish Matchmaking included Aleeza Ben Shalom, Dani Bergman, Harmonie Krieger, Ori Basly, Noah Dreyfuss, Nakysha Osadchey, Stuart Chaseman, Cindy Seni, and Noah Del Monte.

Jewish Matchmaking premiered on May 3, 2023.


Fay Brezel's Age

Fay Brezel's Age Source: Google Images

Fay Brezel was just 29 years old when she joined Jewish Matchmaking in 2023. She was one of the youngest participants in that season.


Fay Brezel's Birthplace

Fay is from Brooklyn, New York.


Fay Brezel’s Parents

Fay Brezel's parents are Rachel and Samuel Brezel. In August 2022, they turned 62 and 67, respectively.

Her father, Samuel, earned a law degree from the New York University School of Law and became the CEO of American International Recycling Group, LLC.

Her mother, Rachel, holds a Master of Education (MSE) from Fordham University and has worked as a licensed psychotherapist for over 40 years. She has provided counseling to parents, teachers, and schools, addressing behavioral, social, and academic issues among students at Boro Park Beth Jacob Elementary School for Girls. Additionally, she worked at the Pesach Tikvah and Shaare Torah primary schools for girls.


Fay Brezel’s Work

Fay co-founded OKclarity with her mother. Much like her mother, she is a psychotherapist who believes in the power of human connections and the healing potential of relationships.

At OKclarity, Fay offers support to those seeking to overcome past traumas, manage anger, live more in the present, or work towards a brighter future. She believes that each person has a unique story to share, and through collaboration, they can uncover strengths and resources to achieve their goals and lead a more fulfilling life.

Her special focus lies in helping individuals deal with eating disorders and related challenges like anxiety, depression, and body image issues. Fay's approach is built on empathy, compassion, and an unwavering commitment to her clients' well-being. She takes a holistic view, understanding that no single method can address all aspects of our lives.


Clients can expect to feel truly heard, understood, and encouraged to take steps toward personal growth and transformation by the end of their therapy sessions.

Fay's educational background includes a BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences from Excelsior University in 2012 and an MA in Counseling/Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University in 2014.

Fun fact: Fay authored a book titled "Grow with the Flow: A Therapeutic Coloring Book." This workbook combines personal development with coloring activities, offering valuable coping skills for both adults and teens.


Fay Brezel’s Net Worth

Fay Brezel’s Net Worth Source: Facebook

As of 2023, Fay’s net worth is estimated to be less than $750,000. She reportedly made over $100,000 annually working as a therapist in New York.


How Tall Is Fay Brezel?

Find out the height of Fay, a question that often piques curiosity about public figures.

When Is Fay Brezel’s Birthday?

Fay celebrates her birthday in November.

Is Fay On Instagram?

You can follow Fay’s Instagram account @faybrezel to stay updated on her personal and professional life.

Also here are her Facebook accounts @okclaritycom, and TikTok @faybrezel.



Fay Jewish Matchmaking Source: Google Image

In conclusion, Fay Brezel's journey in Jewish matchmaking was like a rollercoaster, filled with hope and challenges. While her connection with Shaya Rosenberg held promise at first, differences in religiosity and long-term goals led them to make the tough decision to part ways. Currently, Fay is single and still seeks a partner who shares her deep commitment to Judaism.

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