21 Times People Spotted Faces Hidden In Everyday Objects

Pareidolia is the tendency to identify a specific, often image of something real, in an uncertain or random visual pattern. In other words, the psychological phenomenon we are talking about is when you randomly glance at something and see a face that doesn't actually exist. In science, they call this phenomenon “pareidolia”. Let's start by taking a quick look around your room now. Do you spot anything with faces?
We have collected 21 times people spotted faces hidden in everyday objects. Scroll down to see! If pareidolia is your thing, check out our earlier round-up here!

#1. It’s Winnie the Pooh bear

Source: Jean Harvey

#2. He's not just watching, he's JUDGING!

Source: Emese Tüske-Horváth

#3. It pains me every time I walk into the kitchen and see my dying monkey crying in the door..

Source: Catherine Murray

#4. Lol cute

Source: Ashley Lynn

#5. Hi!

Source: Jessica Ferin

#6. It looks like Scrat lol

Source: Milah Otterson

#7. It even has teeth

Source: Kimber Baron

#8. What a smile!

Source: Piet van Dongen

#9. He has mixed feelings about people putting their feet in him

Source: Mums McMuffstein

#10. Looks like Dory in the face to me, just wrong color

Source: Sally Redgrave

#11. Ohhhh

Source: Ciara Rochelle Dight

#12. Cheese mummy

Source: Edel Beate Flønes

#13. Are they singing?

Source: Dianna Lutz

#14. Creepy face

Source: Christine McNamee

#15. Looks like a sad alarm clock

Source: Kelly Richter

#16. When the cameraman tells me to smile

Source: Sally Macintyre

#17. Straw bear ie

Source: Kanwar Aulakh

#18. Electrical service post can be that cute

Source: Carol Hushin Woznicki

#19. Saw a ghost

Source: Sara Vinoelad

#20. This alien

Source: Tara Ann

#21. She’s like, what the heck does they make in my bowl!?!?!

Source: Eleftheria Ifanti

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