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  1. #21. Oh Sh-
  2. #23. Caught in a real dilemma
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25 Epic Fails That Can Awaken Empathy In All Of Us

Life always happens in a way that you can't expect. There might be times when you experience a bad day, which makes you feel like you were born in a bad star. But don't worry too much because everyone has had a terrible day in their life at least once. Maybe their days are even worse than yours. If you check out the 25 epic fails below, the empathy in you will definitely be awakened.

Following some research on the Internet, we have compiled this list of 25 epic fails that can awaken empathy. One picture captures the swollen eyes of a man who got poison ivy. Another picture was taken at the right moment when a bridge collapsed and a group of people fell off it. Scroll down to see how these folks overcame their awful days. If you think that you are having a worse day than these people, don't hesitate to share your experience with us in the comments.

#1. Got poison ivy in my eye lmao

Source: -BreaKFixRepeaTWRX-

#2. The moment when a bridge collapses

Source: suddenlyRoll99

#3. Getting away from an erupting volcano today

Source: iweirdness

#4. Four days after moving to Chicago

Source: gummymod

#5. When the insurance company says it was definitely an act of god

Source: nofansnofans

#6. Any tips on recipes for BBQ of domestic birds?

Source: pavanallada

#7. Mom ran over a can of red-spray paint

Source: SlinkeyPoo

#8. So this happened...

Source: imgur

#10. Poor you

Source: imgur

#11. Rip my ice cream

Source: youngweonhi

#12. So my friends at work accidentally broke a pipe line and as result 30 ton of flour at the floor

Source: Antmf

#13. My first day of class starts in an hour and the battery to my clippers just died. Well so much for first impression...

Epic FailsSource: CptColeman

#14. Yearbook photo from my first year as a teacher

Epic FailsSource: obiwankepuppy

#15. A friend sent me this picture today

Epic FailsSource: reddit

#16. Bad day ever

Epic FailsSource: imgur

#17. Well... I think the image speaks for itself

Epic FailsSource: S0Ldado_WC

#18. Imagine going to school for 12 years and graduating at Walmart

Epic FailsSource: Spicy-Samich

#19. My 11 month old son just hit me in the face with his toy and broke my tooth in half

Epic FailsSource: halfgermanreject

#20. I feel this

Epic FailsSource: maut-ka-nanga-nach

#21. Oh Sh-

Epic Fails That Can Awaken Empathy Source: the Internet

#22. Should I tell my neighbor that I can see him taking a dump every day?

epic fails that can awaken empathySource: the Internet

#23. Caught in a real dilemma

A real dilemma Source: the Internet

#24. She held on to the wrong thing

epic fails Source: the Internet

#25. Photobombed by Mother Nature

Photobombed by Mother Nature Source: the Internet


To conclude, these 25 epic fails that can awaken empathy serve as a reminder that even in the toughest times, there's always a glimmer of hope and a chance for things to turn around. Whether it's a bridge collapsing or a case of severe poison ivy, these individuals' experiences show that resilience and the ability to laugh at life's challenges can make any day a little brighter. Keep smiling and remember that tomorrow is always a new opportunity for a better day!
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