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  1. Everything You Need To Know About Encanto’s DVD
  2. When Is Encanto’s DVD Release Date?
  3. Where Else Can I Watch Encanto?
  4. What Is Encanto About?
  5. Encanto’s Cast: Who Voices The Characters?
  6. Is There A Trailer For Encanto DVD?
  7. When Is Encanto 2 Release Date?
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Encanto's DVD Release Date, Cast & Story: Everything We Know About The Movie

We know we don’t talk about Bruno here, but can we talk about Encanto’s DVD release date? Encanto is easily one of the most anticipated Disney titles in recent years, leading us into a magical journey with Mirabel and the Madrigal family. The 2021 title also successfully introduces the deep and rich Colombian and Latino culture to the world.

Encanto hit theaters back in November 2011 and was streamed on Disney+ soon after, but what about the DVD version of the movie? Luckily, we’re here to provide you with the exact release date, and how you can get your hands on it.


Everything You Need To Know About Encanto’s DVD

Everything You Need To Know About Encanto’s DVD Release Date Source: Disney
Animation, Musical, Fantasy
Jared Bush, Byron Howard
Encanto’s theatrical release date
November 24, 2021
Encanto’s DVD release date
February 8, 2022
Walt Disney
Stephanie Beatriz,María Cecilia Botero, John Leguizamo

When Is Encanto’s DVD Release Date?

encanto dvd release date Source: Disney

Encanto’s DVD release date was on February 8, 2022, which is more than one year ago. The animated film’s theatrical release date was on November 3, 2021, at El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles, California. The international release date, however, was on November 21, 2021.

You can now find the physical copy of Encanto at your local DVD store for a reasonable price. You can also order the disc online on Amazon, eBay, and other websites for around $19.64. The item is on sale at $ 9.21 at the time this article is released.


Where Else Can I Watch Encanto?

Where Else Can I Watch Encanto? Source: Disney

Besides buying the physical version, Disney enthusiasts can also watch the show exclusively on Disney+, an online streaming service. You can also find other Disney movies, the Star Wars franchise, and the Marvel films here.

Encanto’s running time is around 102 minutes (1 hour 42 minutes). While the movie was positively received by both fans and critics, the pandemic situation at the time in the US allowed it to earn only $256.8 million out of an approximately $120–150 million budget. It gained much more exposure after the Disney+ release date


What Is Encanto About?

What Is Encanto About? Source: Disney

Encanto takes us on a captivating journey to the magical Colombian town of Encanto, where each member of the Madrigal family possesses a unique and extraordinary supernatural gift. For example, Isabela can grow plants, flowers, and other vegetation at will, and Luisa who possesses incredible strength.

The protagonist Mirabel, however, doesn’t have a magical ability like others. After learning that the miraculous candle, which has provided protection and magic for the family for generations is flickering, she tries to find a way to preserve it and warn the others. However, cracks begin to form in the Madrigal household, affecting their special abilities.


Encanto’s Cast: Who Voices The Characters?

Encanto’s Cast Source: Disney

To keep the show’s authenticity and immersive experience, the cast of Encanto consists of mostly Latin descendant actors. Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Stephanie Beatriz voices the 15-year-old Mirabel in the animated movie, while María Cecilia Botero voices Abuela Alma Madrigal, Mirabel’s grandmother.

Some other casting choices for the movie include Diane Guerrero, John Leguizamo, Jessica Darlow, and Carolina Guaitan, as different members of the Madrigal family.

Here’s the official cast for Encanto:

  • Stephanie Beatriz as Mirabel Madrigal
  • María Cecilia Botero as Abuela Alma Madrigal
  • John Leguizamo as Bruno Madrigal
  • Jessica Darrow as Luisa Madrigal
  • Angie Cepeda as Julieta Madrigal
  • Carolina Gaitán as Pepa Madrigal
  • Diane Guerrero as Isabela Madrigal
  • Wilmer Valderrama as Agustín Madrigal
  • Rhenzy Feliz as Camilo Madrigal
  • Ravi Cabot-Conyers as Antonio Madrigal
  • Adassa as Dolores Madrigal

Is There A Trailer For Encanto DVD?

Source: YouTube

The first teaser trailer for Encanto was released on July 8, 2021. introducing the Madrigal family members and abilities. They released the official trailer on September 29, giving us a closer look into the story and the mystery behind the Madrigal household. The trailer gained nearly 47 million views on YouTube.


When Is Encanto 2 Release Date?

So far, there is little information about a possible sequel for Encanto. However, a second movie isn’t out of the picture, so we just have to wait and see for any future updates from the House of Mouse.



Encanto’s DVD release date was on February 8, 2022, so Disney aficionados and collectors can start cashing in on the movie’s physical copy now. With its magical story and visually stunning animation, Encanto DVD is a worthy addition to your personal DVD stockpile.

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