Emily In Paris Season 4: Might It Be Coming In 2023?

The latest season is going to premiere shortly, on December 21 this year. Meanwhile, fans are already anticipating and longing for the release of Emily In Paris season 4. In this post, let’s find out what could possibly happen in the final season of this rom-com series on Netflix. 

#1. Emily In Paris Season 4 Release Date 

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Previously, the first season was available to stream on Netflix from October 2, 2020. The announcement of the renewal for a second season was after only 1 month, in November. Then, the second season premiered from December 22, 2022. Exactly one year after, Emily In Paris season 3 will be on air this month. Fortunately, it’s not the last season. In January this year, Lily Collins, the starring actress and co-producer of this show, confirmed the production of a third and fourth season, at the same time, on her Instagram account. Traditionally, the last season might be available on the world’s biggest streaming platform in late-2023, probably in December. 

#2. Emily In Paris Season 4 Cast 

Emily In Paris Season 4Source: Netflix

Currently, all the notable stars have reprised their characters in the third season. These include Lucas Bravo as the charming chef/downstairs neighbor Gabriel, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Sylvie, Ashley Park as Mindy Chen and Camille Razat as Camille. Therefore, there is a high possibility that this amazing cast will continue to take part in the final show. 
Apart from this Netflix show, you might catch the cast members in their individual works. Collins also stars in her self-produced movie Windfall this year. Bravo also has several projects including Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, Ticket to Paradise (with Julia Roberts and George Clooney) and The Honeymoon. He is now one of the most desired French actors after the success of Netflix hit. 
For the supporting cast member, Park also participates in several projects like Girls5eva (TV show) and Mr. Malcolm's List (movie). Apparently, all the stars are getting more recognition after the show. 

#3. Emily In Paris Season 4 Plot 

Emily In Paris Season 4Source: Netflix

At the end of Emily In Season 2, Emily is trapped in a dilemma, or two. The first problem is that she has to choose between her old agency with her American boss and the new agency or Sylvie and her crew. It is rather predictable that she would definitely choose her French colleagues. This only means that she will stay in Paris in the near future and explore more about this city.
More than that, a bigger issue is that she has to figure out who is the love of her life. It also shows that Gabriel and Camille finally get back together and even move in. In the Emily In Paris season 3 trailer, Lucien Laviscount’s Alfie is still seen being with Emily. This troublesome love rectangle is going to be the main focus in this season. 
As a result, we might only know the true ending at the final episode of the last season. Currently, each character already has his/her own storyline. Mindy, Camille, Sylvie and Gabriel all have things to figure out and make decisions that affect their lives a lot. 
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