Lucas Bravo Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris: Gabriel Is Now An Accountant At Dior

Lucas Bravo Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris is one of the latest projects from our favorite charming chef from Netflix series Emily In Paris. He gives off a decent performance in such a dreamy and romantic movie.
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#1. Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris: Lucas Bravo Looks More Than Great In Suits 

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The French actor has become more well-known for his role as the hot chef from Netflix hit series Emily In Paris. Obviously this is partly because of his breathtaking smile, his apron and his mouthwatering omelette. On top of that, the 34-year-old actor perfectly delivers his role as a charming, romantic and sometimes troublesome man. He did not attract his girlfriend’s new friend but many of us. 
After the success of the series, he got more chances to give audiences more roles. This year, Bravo is featured in two feature Movies consisting of Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris and Ticket To Paris. He portrays Julia Roberts’ sexy French pilot boyfriend in Ticket To Paris and House Of Dior’s intelligent accountant in Mrs. Harris To Paris. 
The movie is also set in Paris and his character somehow resembles his symbolic character. Moreover, he looks perfectly fine in suits and speaks the loveliest French. He acted opposite Lesley Manville and Alba Baptista in this incredible movie. More significantly, the movie is set in beautiful Paris (with garbage, something Emily In Paris has missed) and features Dior haute couture. 

#2. Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris Cast Has The Best Performance  

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Even though the movie is not a hit from the box office, it is worth-watching and is favored by audiences and critics. Critics praised the movie for its cinematography, storyline, characters and also, the cast. The starring actress Lesley Maville successfully demonstrates a widowed cleaning lady who dreams of a Dior dress and finally gets it. More than that, she also creates a great change in the fashion house with her great persona. 
Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris release date was July 15, 2022. However, it is available to purchase on Apple TV or Amazon Prime Video. If you’re looking for a great Parisian, fashion movie to watch while waiting for the next season of Emily In Paris, you should definitely watch this movie.
However, it must be said that the movie does a better job than Emily In Paris in demonstrating Parisians and the city without all the clichés and glamorization. 

#3. We Will Have More Chances To See Him In Near Future 

mrs harris goes to paris movie lucas bravoSource: Netflix

Emily In Paris season 3 will premiere on Netflix on December 21, 2022. Then, we will have to see what might happen to the Emily-Gabriel-Camille love triangle. Fortunately, the third season is not going to be the last one. A fourth season has been announced and will also be on air in future. The actor is also taking part in a British-Italian movie next year, The Honeymoon, a rom-com movie written and directed by Dean Craig. The release date of the movie is currently unannounced but it is already in post-production. 
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