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'Emily In Paris' Season 3 Premiere: Updated News

Searching for information about Emily In Paris Season 3 Premiere? Here we go! S3 of Emily in Paris will premiere on December 21, and we can't wait to see what happens to Lily Collins' stylish character in the City of Love.
Season two of the Netflix original series follows Emily Cooper (Collins) as she balances her marketing career, confusing love life, and friendships in Paris; premiered just before Christmas 2021, much to the pleasure of the streaming service's subscriber base. Season two's premiere on Netflix landed in the top spot worldwide, with 107.6 million hours watched between December 22 and December 26, 2021.

#1. Emily In Paris Season 3 Premiere: Updated News

Emily In Paris Season 3 Premiere, emily in paris season 3 release date
At the start of Season 2, viewers saw Emily pick up the pieces after her whirlwind romance with Gabriel, navigate the choppy waters of her friendship with Camille, fall for Alfie, find out that Sylvie is leaving Savoir, and ultimately decide to relocate to Paris to work with her team full-time rather than return to Chicago. Later on, she also found out that Gabriel and Camille had reconciled and moved into the unit below hers.
Early in 2022, Netflix stated that a third and fourth season of Emily in Paris were on the way, satisfying fans' concerns over the show's cancellation and putting to rest rumors that Emily could relocate to Berlin (due to Collins' teasing on Instagram).

Season 3 Cast

Emily In Paris Season 3 Premiere, emily in paris season 3 release date
Collins, who also produced Emily in Paris, is confirmed to reprise his role as Cooper alongside Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), Mindy (Park), Camille (Razat), Sylvie (Leroy-Beaulieu), Julian (Samuel Arnold), Luc (Bruno Gouery), and newcomer Alfie (Park) (Lucien Laviscount).
Alfie finds out at the end of season two that Emily and Gabriel were an item, but he tells his partner that he has stayed in Paris with her even though his job has moved back to London. He even proposes settling down with Emily.
Given that Kate Walsh, who plays Cooper's pregnant Chicago boss Madeleine, recently gave birth to Emily in Paris season two and made a cameo appearance as Dr. Addison Montgomery in the 18th season of Grey's Anatomy (16 years after her debut on the hit show), it seemed unlikely that she would return for the third season. The return of her Madeline persona, however, was later clear.
Before returning from France in July, she told PureWow, "I'm not in Paris simply eating croissants; she's back." This was about her June trip there to film episodes of the series. That woman hasn't left yet. The performer has promised fans that the next series will be fantastic, meaty, humorous, and unexpected,' and she has added that she can identify with her character 'in some way.' Still, she isn't as Shameless as her character.
So, she said, "I think people will be tremendously happy and enormously entertained by what they see." And this year's tales are even more fantastic than last, with even more romance, glitz, and humor set in breathtaking locales. Collins and Park, who seem to be close friends IRL today, were seen on vacation in the snow with Collins's husband, Charlie McDowell, in January 2022.

#2. Emily in Paris Season 3 Release Date

Emily In Paris Season 3 Premiere, emily in paris season 3 release date
The third season will premiere on Netflix on December 21, 2022, the same date as the previous two seasons.  Collins announced her desire to return to the Emily in Paris set in a February 2022 behind-the-scenes film featuring the show's renowned costume designer Patricia Field.
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