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Emily Balch Married At First Sight: Who Is Season 17 Star?

In the recent episode of "Married at First Sight" Season 17, Brennan Shoykhet expressed concerns about his new wife, Emily Balch, labeling her behavior as a "red flag." The couple, who were the first to wed this season, initially hit it off at their wedding. Emily, who had not been in a previous relationship, didn't initially hesitate at the idea of being intimate during their honeymoon. However, she later decided to align with Brennan's more cautious approach. 

Here's everything you need to know about Emily.

Key Takeaways

  • Emily Balch, a strategic communications professional from Ohio, appeared in "Married at First Sight" Season 17, seeking a lasting relationship.
  • Despite a promising start with Brennan Shoykhet, their relationship faced challenges due to Brennan's emotional withdrawal and communication issues.
  • Outside the show, Emily's successful career contrasts with her past dating struggles.

Emily Balch In Married At First Sight Season 17

In "Married at First Sight" Season 17, the relationship between Brennan Shoykhet and Emily Balch began with promise during their honeymoon in Mexico. They connected over shared professional goals and aspirations for the future, including having children.
However, the harmony soon turned into discord. A seemingly minor disagreement over Brennan's ability to have fun signaled deeper issues. Returning to Denver for the cohabitation phase, the situation deteriorated as Brennan retreated emotionally, opting to stay at his own place for several days, citing exhaustion from constant interaction with Emily.
This withdrawal left Emily bewildered and hurt, as she struggled to understand Brennan's sudden change in behavior. Despite attempts by the show's experts, including Pastor Cal and Dr. Pia, Brennan remained elusive about his feelings, leaving Emily without the clarity she desperately sought.
Their relationship progressed cautiously, with both agreeing to take things "day by day". Emily, trying to respect Brennan's boundaries, found herself battling her own emotions as Brennan's engagement in the relationship continued to wane.
The turning point came during their one-month anniversary dinner. Brennan's admission of seeing Emily as a "red flag" due to his lost romantic feelings added strain. This comment, coupled with his inability to explain his feelings, deepened the rift between them. Emily's resilience was evident, but her patience was visibly wearing thin under the weight of Brennan's non-communicative and distant behavior.
As the season unfolded, it became clear that the core issue lay in Brennan's struggle with his own emotions and his reluctance to openly discuss them. Emily, on her part, continued to demonstrate a willingness to understand and work through the challenges. However, Brennan's approach, characterized by avoidance and a lack of emotional depth, called into question the viability of their relationship.
For their marriage to stand a chance, Brennan needed to confront his emotional barriers and communicate more openly. Emily, maintaining her romantic interest, deserved a partner who could reciprocate with emotional honesty and support, qualities that Brennan had yet to fully embrace.

Emily Balch's Life Outside Of MAFS

Emily Balch's Life Outside Of MAFS Source: Lifetime


Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, Emily Balch was born in 1993 and grew up in a stable family with parents Charlie Balch and Patty Horschler Balch, who have been together for over three decades. Emily, an alumna of Miami University, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communications and a minor in Marketing in 2015.
Her early career saw her rise quickly in the corporate world, beginning with CEB, now known as Gartner, in Chicago. She soon climbed the ladder to become a Senior Account Management Specialist before joining the show.

TV and Reality Shows

  • Participated in "Married at First Sight" Season 17, paired with Brennan Shoykhet.
  • Journey on the show highlighted her search for a lasting relationship, contrasting her previous experiences of being frequently ghosted in the dating scene.
  • Emily's experience on the show included marrying Brennan, enjoying a honeymoon, and navigating the challenges of cohabitating and building a relationship.


Emily Balch is 5 feet 5.5 inches tall
She is currently residing in Denver, Colorado.
Her life off-screen is marked by a passion for travel and a penchant for privacy, especially on social media platforms like Instagram, where she maintains a private profile. Her twin sister, Sarah Balch, mirrors Emily's success in a different field, working in financial due diligence at PwC.
Despite Emily's significant achievements in her career, where she was honored as a Winners Circle Achiever at Gartner in 2019, her love life took a different trajectory. She ventured into "Married at First Sight" with the hope of finding a lasting connection to confronting and overcoming her past disappointments in the dating world.

Social Media

You can find her at @balch_so_hard on Instagram.
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