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  1. Meet Eleanor Robb, Dario Franchitti’s Wife
  2. What Is Eleanor Robb’s Age?
  3. Eleanor Robb’s Height
  4. Eleanor Robb’s Career
  5. How Much Is Eleanor Robb’s Net Worth?
  6. Details On Her Family
  7. Dario Franchitti’s Previous Marriage
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Meet Eleanor Robb, Dario Franchitti’s Wife & Learn About Her Age, Job, Family

Today, let’s meet Eleanor Robb, the cherished wife of Dario Franchitti, a well-known motor racing driver from Scotland. While Dario is celebrated for his achievements, let's shine a light on the remarkable woman who stands beside him. 

This article takes a comprehensive look at Eleanor, delving into her biography, age, career and so much more. Let’s dig in!


Meet Eleanor Robb, Dario Franchitti’s Wife

details on Eleanor Robb Source: Google Images

Dario got to know Eleanor thanks to their mutual friend Pippa Mann, an Indy racer. Their romance blossomed, and, in July 2015, they got married, marking an important milestone in life. In the same year, they joyously celebrated the birth of their first child, Sofia, who was born on November 2, 2015.

Their happiness multiplied when they welcomed their second child, Valentina, into their family in February 2019. 

In a 2016 BBC Radio Scotland interview, Dario expressed his happiness when it came to his marriage with Eleanor.

He said, “I got remarried and my wife and I spent time here in Scotland and we spent time in London. I still race Indy Cars, work with the Gunassi team, commentate on Formula E, and do classic car shows for Goodwood TV. So it’s all these different things and then somewhere in the middle trying to spend time with my wife and baby.”

Dario Franchitti often shares pictures of his wife and children on Instagram, showing how much he loves them.


What Is Eleanor Robb’s Age?

Eleanor Age Source: Google Images

She was born on June 2, 1984, in London, English. As of 2023, she is 39 years old. Based on her birthdate, we know her zodiac sign is Gemini. It is said that a Gemini woman is a social butterfly and has an outgoing personality.


Eleanor Robb’s Height

Based on her photos, we guess she is around 5 feet 7.5 inches (~171 cm).


Eleanor Robb’s Career

Eleanor Robb family Source: Google Images

Dario Franchitti’s wife graduated from Oxford University, where she earned her MA in Economics in 2004. Her career has been marked by significant roles in the finance industry. She works in the investor relations department at Eisler Capital.

Before that, she was Director of European Investor Relations at BlueCrest Capital Management, and also served as the Director of US Credit Sales at Tradeweb.

Her professional journey also includes leadership roles, such as CEO of UBS and Director of Credit Sales at Bank of America.


How Much Is Eleanor Robb’s Net Worth?

Her net worth was estimated to be over $1.5 million as of 2022. 


Details On Her Family

Her parents are Hector and Deborah Robb, whose marriage has lasted 45 years. 

Hector came from Nantwich, Great Britain, and studied biology at the New University of Ulster, while Deborah attended Westminster College, Vincent Square, London, focusing on Home Economics. They live together in Nantwich, Great Britain. Eleanor also has a sister named Rachel Williams, who celebrates her birthday on October 22. 

Eleanor cherishes her family, often expressing her love for them throughout her Instagram posts. 


Dario Franchitti’s Previous Marriage

Dario Previous Marriage Source: Google Images

Before getting married to Eleanor, Dario Franchitti was previously wed to American actress Ashley Judd. They first met at Jason Priestley’s wedding and began dating in 1999. Two years later, they tied the knot at a Highland Tơn in Scotland, but after 11 years together, they decided to break up. The couple officially divorced in 2013.During their marriage, they did not have any children together. 

Nowadays, Dario, the motorsports commentator, finds his true love, Eleanor, and lives happily with his wife and their children.


What Is Her Zodiac Sign?

Her zodiac sign is Gemini.

Where Does She Come From?

She comes from London, England.

Does She Own Social Media Accounts?

Yes, Eleanor owns three accounts: Instagram (@eleanorfranchitti), Twitter (@elliefranchitti), and Facebook (@Eleanor Franchitti).



Eleanor Robb is not only the most captivating present of Dario’s life but also a remarkable woman who has carved her own path. Her background, career, and the love she shares with her husband make her an intriguing figure worth getting to know. We hope this article has provided you with valuable insights into her life, and we look forward to witnessing her continued journey alongside Dario.

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