Eden Hazard Is Considering Retirement After This World Cup, Reportedly

The World Cup's group stages are nearing their conclusion, and the tournament's knockout rounds will begin very soon. This competition has certainly been an interesting one, with surprises like Japan finishing first in their group while countries like Belgium and Germany were eliminated at the very first obstacle. Some of Real Madrid's players must be ecstatic about the way things have turned out, while others must be absolutely heartbroken. Eden Hazard is considering retirement after the World Cup.

Eden Has Had A Tough Season So Far

Eden Hazard Source: Getty Images
Eden Hazard is a man who will want to forget his performance at the tournament. Even though he hadn't played much for Real Madrid during the season coming up to the World Cup, he was still the captain of his national team and started every game they played.
However, his play in the first two matches left a lot to be desired, and as a result, Hazard was benched for Belgium's most important match of the group stage, which was played against Croatia. In addition to this, he did not enter the game until the 87th minute, even though the Red Devils were in desperate need of a goal. They were eliminated after the game ended in a scoreless draw, which marked a disappointing conclusion to their Golden Generation's run.
However, this may be the end of the Real Madrid star's career on the international stage. According to HLN's reporting, Eden Hazard will continue to consider the future in the days ahead. Still, after fourteen years with the Red Devils, there is a good probability that he will end his career there.

Real Madrid's Star Is About To Retire

Eden Hazard
After a dismal performance at the World Cup, the Real Madrid star might call it quits on his international career. It is safe to say that Hazard's World Cup did not go how he had hoped it would. This was his final opportunity to demonstrate that he was still a player of world-class caliber, and he needed to make the most of it.
Instead, the competition served as further evidence that he is not even close to being the player that he was when he was at the height of his abilities.
Real Madrid broke their previous record for the cost of a transfer in order to buy Hazard from Chelsea, despite the fact that they had been rumored to be interested in him for a significant amount of time. The move that was supposed to be his dream to Santiago Bernabeu has turned out to be a nightmare for him, as he has struggled with a succession of injuries and is now a shadow of the player that he used to be.
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