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  1. What Happened To Dr. Michele Sharkey On Dr. Pol? Why Did She Leave The Show?
  2. What Is Dr. Michele Sharkey Doing Now?

What Happened To Dr. Michele Sharkey? Why Did She Leave Dr. Pol?

The reason why Dr. Michele Sharkey left the show is because of her relationship. According to the reports, she was involved in a love affair with Dr. Emily’s brother. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Dr. Michele Sharkey left "The Incredible Dr. Pol" due to her relationship with Dr. Emily Thomas's brother, moving to Missouri to prioritize her personal life over her TV role.
  • Despite her intermittent presence, appearing in only 11 episodes from 2018 to 2019, Sharkey was highly popular among the show's fans.
  • Post-departure, Sharkey remains dedicated to veterinary medicine, working at Jones Animal Health Clinic and actively sharing her life and passions on social media.

What Happened To Dr. Michele Sharkey On Dr. Pol? Why Did She Leave The Show?

Source: Nat Geo WILD

Dr. Michele Sharkey, known for her role in Nat Geo's "The Incredible Dr. Pol," surprised her fans by leaving the show. Her relationship with Dr. Emily Thomas's brother, who moved to Missouri for work, was the key factor in her decision to leave the show.

Joining the show in 2011, her absence in recent episodes made viewers curious. Sharkey, a veterinary officer and TV personality, first appeared on the Nat Geo series in 2011. Though initially not a qualified vet, her passion for animals, especially horses, was evident.

Her journey on the show was on and off. After her debut, she returned to complete her veterinary studies, only to reappear in the 13th season. Despite featuring in just 11 episodes between 2018 and 2019, Sharkey became really popular with fans.
What Happened To Dr. Michele Sharkey On Dr. PolSource: Nat Geo WILD
Her last appearance on the show was in the episode "Love at Frost Sight" in 2019, after which she disappeared from the screen.
Guesses about her departure were everywhere, with fans proposing various theories. Some thought she left her position at the clinic, while others speculated about workplace issues. However, the truth was more personal.
The reason for Sharkey's exit was her relationship with the brother of Dr. Emily Thomas, a fellow veterinarian on the show. When her partner relocated to Missouri for work, Sharkey chose to put first her relationship over her role in the show. This decision, though surprising to many, showed her commitment to her personal life.


What Is Dr. Michele Sharkey Doing Now?

What Is Dr. Michele Sharkey Doing Now? Source: Nat Geo WILD
Currently, Dr. Sharkey is still working hard in veterinary medicine. She is working at the Jones Animal Health Clinic, continuing her passion for animal care. This change shows her dedication to her profession, regardless of the platform.
Her active and outgoing personality is seen in her work and her presence on social media. With over 650 followers on Instagram, Sharkey shares glimpses of her life, including her dance skills and casual posts.
Dr. Sharkey's move to Missouri with her partner is a reminder of the importance of keeping a balance between career and personal life. Her choice to put her relationship over a television career demonstrates the complexity of decisions faced by famous individuals.
While her fans may miss her presence on "The Incredible Dr. Pol," her ongoing work at Jones Animal Health Clinic continues to make a big difference in the field of veterinary medicine.
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