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  1. Does Tech Die In The Bad Batch Season 2 Finale?

Does Tech Die In The Bad Batch Season 2 Finale? Fully Explained

Does Tech die in The Bad Batch season 2 finale? Is there now one less of our cherished renegade clone troops than before? In the concluding episode of Star Wars season two, Tech and the other members of the Bad Batch attempt a rescue mission. Still, it ended in a disastrous failure, leaving the audience unsure whether or not Tech had survived.
In the third season of The Bad Batch, is it safe to say that Tech's fate has been sealed, or does he still have a chance? What are the next steps for the program now that we are aware that Tech has passed away? Instead of the Empire, one of the Bad Batch's purported buddies was responsible for Tech's passing. Saw Gerrera make the ultimate sacrifice by giving up Tech so that the Bad Batch may exact their revenge on Tarkin and the Empire.

Does Tech Die In The Bad Batch Season 2 Finale?

Does Tech Die In The Bad Batch Season 2 Finale Source: The Bad Batch
The Bad Batch attempted to escape the chaos that erupted following Saw's foolish assault on Eriadu's peak by utilizing the nearby cable car. But, when they attempted to escape, Stormtroopers who were anxious to begin firing on them encircled them and prevented them from escaping. Naturally, the cable car stopped operating, which meant the Bad Batch needed to figure out how to get the electricity back on.
Very quickly, Tech can come up with a solution, but to implement it, he needs to disembark from the cable car and reset the power connections for the aerial tramway. What a weight this puts on Tech's shoulders. Because of the efforts of Tech, the cable car's electrical service has been restored. A wing of Stormtroopers descends from above and lands on the cable car that the Bad Batch is traveling in just as they appear to be completing their escape.
Tech tries to get back on the cable car, but the Stormtroopers' ships shoot him in the back as he attempts to board the vehicle. He is putting his life in danger by moving to the other side of the car, which is much safer, so that he may be with his friends. Wrecker tries to assist Tech, but he cannot do so. Tech discovers that the escape for him and his friends is blocked by the piece of the cable car that he is responsible for. He proclaims that he will be invoking the notorious Order 99.


does tech really die in bad batch Season 2 Finale Did Tech Really Die In The Bad Batch Season 2 Finale?
As soon as Wrecker realizes that Tech is ready to give his life as a sacrifice, he begs Tech, "Don't you do it, Tech!" Tech shoots at the cable car, breaking his portion of the conveyance that was keeping the Bad Batch back, and then gives a memorable final statement: "Since when have we ever obeyed orders?"
He plunges forward without hesitation into the blackness. Because of Tech's courageous deeds, his comrades were able to escape from their captors. Yet, is the technological age over? After all, we were not there for the hit that ultimately proved fatal to him. You know the common wisdom regarding the passing of an off-screen figure. We must find out what happens to Tech. Therefore, let's keep our fingers crossed that Lucasfilm will soon order a third season of The Bad Batch.
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