Does T.C. Reunite With His Mom? Magnum P.I. Season 5 Episode 7 Cast & Recap

Does T.C. ever get a chance to reunite with his mom? Here's a recap of what happened to T.C. in Magnum P.I. Season 5 Episode 7.
The seventh episode of Magnum P.I. Season 5, "Birthright", officially airs on March 26th. As we all know, according to the synopsis, T.C. has a surprise coming up for him in Episode 7. It is said that this major event could help him overcome his past trauma - which is also known as one of the biggest obstacles in his life.

#1. Magnum P.I. Season 5 Episode 7 Cast

Source: CBS

  • Jay Hernandez plays Thomas Magnum
  • Perdita Weeks plays Juliet Higgins
  • Zachary Knighton plays Orville "Rick" Wright
  • Judith Scott plays Verna Calvin
  • Stephen Hill plays Theodore "T.C." Calvin
  • Martin Martinez plays Cade Jensen
  • Tim Kang plays Detective Gordon Katsumoto
  • Lawrence Pressman plays Gus Urima.
  • Amy Hill plays Teuila Tuileta
  • Jordan Belfi plays Brent Urima
  • Michael deLara plays M.E. Gabriel Santos
  • Kristy Dawn Dinsmore plays Dawn Makali
  • Ryan Dorsey plays Nixon Haoa
  • Bethany Anne Lind plays Kerry Urima
  • Michael Rady plays Chris Childs


#2. Magnum P.I. Season 5 Episode 7 Recap: Does T.C. Reunite With His Mom?

One of the highlights of Magnum P.I. Season 5 Episode 7 is definitely the touching scene where T.C. gets to reunite with his mom after 36 years.


Does T.C. Reunite With His MomSource: CBS

Verna Calvin, T.C.'s mother, first appeared as a new client of Thomas Magnum.
According to Verna, she came to Hawaii in an attempt to reconnect with her estranged son, whom she eventually reveals to be T.C. It seems like Verna's meeting with Magnum is no coincidence - she actually saw T.C. on the news with Magnum and Rick not long ago. This explains her decision to come to find Magnum.
Verna is hoping that Magnum could help her arrange a meeting with T.C. However, Magnum couldn't help but feels skeptical of whether this is going to work. After all, it's not easy for T.C. to reunite with the woman who once abandoned him for no apparent reason.
That's when Verna explains why she decided to leave T.C. behind in the past. It turns out that Verna has always had mental illnesses. And unfortunately, her condition became worse after she gave birth to T.C. Mental illness could bring a lot of problems to one person's life, and she didn't want her son to go through all of that.
After a long time of struggling and suffering, Verna decided to run away from her family and seek professional help. It was extremely hard, but she felt like that was the best thing she could have done for both herself and T.C.


Does T.C. Reunite With His MomSource: NBC

It's actually no surprise that even after hearing Verna's story from Magnum, T.C. still rejects to meet her. To be honest, T.C. has already gotten used to the absence of his mother in his life. Verna has her own hardships, but so does he. He understands that Verna didn't have many choices at that moment, but it's still too hard for him to process and accept everything. His wounds wouldn't immediately go away just after one night.
Luckily, T.C. has a lot of people who care for him by his side. Seeing T.C. struggling to make the right choice, Rick persuades him that he at least needs to sit down and talk with Verna to get closure about their relationship. Cade also agrees that T.C. should grab this opportunity to build a relationship with his mom. Things might not work out, but T.C. shouldn't just let it pass by either.
T.C. is eventually moved after listening to his friends' advice. In the end, he decides to give his mom a chance.

Does T.C. Reunite With His MomSource: NBC

It sure feels bittersweet to reunite with his mom after 36 years. T.C. expresses all of his honest feelings during this emotional meeting.
"I not only learned to live my life without you—I learned how to thrive. You see, my life is good now, too. I got good people in it that love me. They would die before they would abandon me. I'm glad you're better. But you gave up your place in my life a long time ago", he said. T.C. also states that he wouldn't cut Verna out of his life, but they both need to put in a lot of efforts if they want to fix this relationship.
In an interview with TV Guide, actor Stephen Hill confirmed that we would get to see more scenes of T.C. and Verna trying their best to heal and reconnect as mother and son in the future. "We've filmed some more! I think people will be pleasantly surprised to see this relationship evolve, and I'm looking forward to even more", he said. dedicates to provide you with a wide range of creative and interesting news. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to keep updated on the latest news of Magnum P.I.
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