Does Nina Die In FBI Crossover? Does Nina Lose The Baby In FBI?

Does Nina die in FBI Crossover? Does Nina lose the baby? During the first hour of the crossover, which was the episode of FBI: International, the character Nina Chase, who FBI's Shantel Van Santen portrayed, was killed by gunfire while assisting the Fly Team in a raid on a property in Italy where a few terrorists were planning to hide out.
Jubal instructed Special Agent Forrester to stay with Nina in the hospital. At the same time, he continued his investigation into the impending danger in New York City. Jubal headed to New York City. Nina was present because she was expecting.

What Happened To Nina? Is She Leaving FBI Series?

Does Nina Die In FBI Does Nina Die In FBI Crossover? Source: FBI
In the second hour's episode of the FBI, Jubal and Isobel make a tough but correct decision: they did not notify Scola that Nina had been shot. The reason for this is that at the time, Stuart Scola, played by John Boyd, was too busy negotiating the terms of a covert mission already fraught with peril to attend to this matter. Scola was grieved to learn of the passing of an FBI agent in Italy when he was working for the UC on the project mentioned above.


When Scola received a phone call from Forrester that verified his worst concerns, he was unaware that Jubal had kept his employees in the dark about what was happening. When Scola discovers that a bullet killed Nina, it tears his heart. How he learns about it is so difficult that it is the first thing that goes through his mind when he discovers it. Nonetheless, both Isobel and Jubal bring up very good points.

Does Nina Die In FBI Crossover? Does Nina Lose The Baby In FBI?

Does Nina Die In FBI Does Nina Lose The Baby In FBI?
Even though Scola knew that his superiors were not blameless, this did not prevent him from harboring a burning resentment toward them. That truly irritates him, and you can tell by the look on his face. Scola raced to Rome as the third hour of the FBI: Most Wanted episodes ended. When she arrived, she found Nina waiting for her in the hospital. This occurred shortly after the botched attempt to detonate a bomb at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Nina had suffered an injury but was progressing in her recovery.


After surviving the perilous journey, Nina and her unborn child are safe and sound. Nina's a close call. "Put them in a frightening scenario. After bringing Nina under control, Scola made sure to check on her general health. My health has significantly improved since last year. But what about the youngster who is so young?" Scola enquires. How exactly does he stand right now?
As Scola touched her stomach, Nina said, "I think so." Scola then smiled at Nina. "However, it is the point I'm trying to make." He advanced his kicks. Scola then directly turned his attention to Nina and summed up his helplessness and loneliness in three insignificant words. I adore you. Nina responded, "I love you too," while tears began to well up in her eyes. “A lot.”
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