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  1. Does Montgomery Die In Station 19? Is Travis Montgomery Leaving?

Does Montgomery Die In Station 19? Is Travis Montgomery Leaving?

Does Travis Montgomery die in Station 19? It has become something that viewers of Station 19 have come to anticipate over the course of the show's six seasons: the fact that it is impossible to predict which episode will be a particular character's final appearance.
Throughout the first few seasons of the show, a number of fan-favorite regular and recurring characters were abruptly removed from the program when their on-screen personas were killed off in the line of duty. Because of this, whenever a promotional image even remotely suggests that a character is going to suffer grave risk, fans are naturally afraid that another beloved figure will soon be departing the show.

Does Montgomery Die In Station 19? Is Travis Montgomery Leaving?

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When it was revealed in the sneak peek for this week's episode, "I Know a Place," that two members of Station 19 are going to find themselves in a potentially life-threatening circumstance, viewers understandably feared that Travis and Theo would be leaving the show.
The promo for the eighth episode of Season 6 of Station 19, titled "I Know a Place," gives the impression that Travis might not make it through one of the team's most recent calls. However, we can confirm that Travis does not pass away in the episode and is still alive on the show.


The commercial shows firefighters from Station 19 responding to a blaze in a residential building. Theo and Travis dash back into the home after a young girl returned there looking for her mother. At this point, the situation has become potentially hazardous. When we hear a structure collapsing, the camera pulls back to reveal smoke billowing from the house. When Captain Beckett calls for Travis and Theo on the radio, Vic is frantically running towards the house to catch up with them.

Is Travis Montgomery Leaving Station 19?

Is Travis Montgomery Leaving Station 19 Does Montgomery Die In Station 19?
Despite the undeniable impact that the event had on fan concern, ABC has confirmed that neither Travis nor Theo will pass away throughout the episode. Both characters can be seen in the advertising photographs for episode 9, which indicates that they survive the phone call. This is something that we anticipated would happen, given that neither character has been announced to be quitting the program.
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