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  1. Does Lyra Get Pan Back?

Does Lyra Get Pan Back? Comprehensively Explained

Does Lyra get Pan back? Here we go! After arriving in the afterlife (leaving Lyra's daemon Pan behind), Will and Lyra wander aimlessly before locating Lyra's companion Roger, only to learn that they are not in paradise or hell but in the Authority's perpetual prison camp. Until Lyra recalls Roger of their escapades together at Jordan College, the dead are understandably frightened and lack the motivation to try to escape. By reflecting on his life, Roger is brought back to life symbolically, and his story inspires everyone around him to do the same.
At some point, the group decides it's time to return to the surface world but discovers that they've gone too far into the underworld (at least metaphorically), prompting a laborious ascent through a series of underground tunnels. Today's second episode continues the march, but at least we see cameos from Lin-Manuel Miranda's Lee Scoresby and Andrew Scott as Will's dad. Oh, and harpies constantly remind people how awful they are; it turns out that harpies enjoy stories, too; hence, everything turns out okay, even if the multiverse does burst.

Does Lyra Get Pan Back?

Does Lyra Get Pan Back Source: HBO
Do you recall last week when the Lyra-seeking bomb was first unveiled in the Magisterium's universe? Well, that's done; now all that's needed is to have someone's daemon/soul severed so that it may be activated. Fortunately, Mrs. Coulter and her golden monkey provide Father-President MacPhail with the ideal choices. Dr. Cooper is hesitant to flip the switch once the two of them are buckled in.
MacPhail clubs Cooper to death restarts the countdown, rushes into the cell, throws Roke against a window, and is knocked out by Mrs. Coulter after the little spy Roke begins to liberate Mrs. Coulter. After MacPhail has hastily positioned himself and his daemon in the sacrificial positions, she dashes out of jail to halt the clock. Mrs. Coulter successfully destroys the bomb-making mechanism. The Authority's Regent, Metatron (who, if you don't recall, is the second-in-command to the angel who pretended to create everything but is currently in charge and wants to eradicate free will), will be visited by the angel Lord Asriel killed last week.
When Metatron discovers Asriel's defiance, he becomes cold and furious and, despite himself, causes the bomb to detonate by shining his divine light on it. The Lyra-seeking bomb does not seek Lyra and instead creates huge chasms that suction in Dust everywhere in the multiverse. (Dust, of course, being: human spirits, angels, the Fall, free will, and other such ephemeral things.) Think about trying to convey this foolishness to someone who has never seen the show.


Does Lyra Get Pan Back
Even though the local chasm kills Witch-Queen Ruta Skadi at the start of "The Abyss," Asriel is overjoyed that he has finally gotten the Regent of the Authority to notice him. In contrast, Mrs. Coulter hurries to Fra. Pavel insisted that he use his alethiometer to find out if Lyra survived the bomb that, once again, didn't appear to pursue her in any meaningful way. Considering that her daughter was, at that time, still in the afterlife, you can imagine the confusion that ensued.
Mrs. Coulter returns to Asriel, still resentful over Lyra's death being attributed to his "war crime." Coulter tries to provoke the witch into killing her after the new Witch-Queen Serafina Pekkala stops by for a short while to threaten Asriel for also getting Ruta slain. As expected, it fails to deliver. Not concerned by the loss of Lyra and Ruta, Asriel instead goes to meet Iorek Bjornson, who holds him responsible for the chasm that has destroyed the polar bears' home. Lorek's information dump to Asriel is quite beneficial.


Does Lyra Get Pan Back
Still, I don't understand how he figured out who to blame. Lorek reforged the Subtle Knife that Lyra used to open the portal to the afterlife. Thus, she is alive and well in the world of the dead. Asriel goes back to camp to tell his ex-wife the good news. When they learn that Lyra has fulfilled the second prophecy about her, "She shall defeat death," they rejoice. Through the power of their will, the dead are released from purgatory and can finally join the universe as part of the great web of existence known as Dust.
Things appear to be falling into place. Now that Death is no more, Roger is free, Will has seen his father, Asriel has his war, and Mrs. Coulter has her monkey—oh, I forgot about the monkey, didn't I? While Mrs. Coulter is under the impression that Lyra is dead, her monkey temporarily abandons her, either because it senses her intention to commit suicide by the witch or because it has finally had enough of her constant verbal and physical abuse.
Star of Luther, The Affair, and many more, she played a character at the episode's end who apologized to a very small and grumpy monkey. The moment comes off as genuine, sorrowful, and weird, and Ruth Wilson's ability is largely responsible for the success to which it can aspire. In my opinion, it is a summary of His Dark Materials.
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