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  1. Does Franklin Die In Snowfall Season 6?
  2. What Would Happen After Franklin's Death?

Does Franklin Die In Snowfall Season 6? What Happened To Franklin?

Does Franklin die in Snowfall season 6? Following Teddy's unsuccessful attempt to execute Franklin in the prior episode, Franklin kidnaps Teddy in the ninth episode of season six. Most of the events that took place during the sixth season were the two of them plotting to kill one another. They've already slain each other's fathers and pillaged each other's possessions, so at this point, it's tit for tat between them.
But Franklin is adamant about getting his money back, and to that end, he puts Teddy through a harrowing adventure that involves Russian roulette and a pot of oil that is rapidly heating up.

Does Franklin Die In Snowfall Season 6?

Does Franklin Die In Snowfall Season 6 Source: Snowfall
During all of this, Cissy is attempting to talk some sense into Teddy, who has been responsible for the destruction of a whole neighborhood due to his heroin trafficking and has stolen from Franklin. The conversation then takes an unexpected turn as Teddy makes a desperate plea for his life and agrees to tell Cissy what happened to Alton in exchange for saving his own life. Since the fans saw Teddy sneak up on Alton with a gun in Cuba, they have theorized that Alton had passed away the last two seasons since they saw the scene.
However, Teddy reveals to Cissy that Alton is still alive, and he inquires whether she saw his body, blood, or other signs of a fight. Then, Teddy tells Cissy that he followed Cissy out of the building on the day he confronted Alton, drugged him, took him to the airport in a waiting car, and then flew him to Puerto Rico, where he put him in jail. Teddy also admits that he threw Alton in jail in Puerto Rico. Although he reassures her that Alton is still alive, she is not persuaded by his words.


At first, Cissy refuses to believe what you are saying. Cissy decides to bring up the discovery once more after Teddy has agreed to split the stolen dollars with Franklin and put his portion of the money into an escrow account. The latter two plan to meet at a public handoff location for Teddy to deposit the money and be freed. Cissy walks up to Teddy while he uses a pay phone to make the transfer, and she wants to know which jail Alton is now being kept in.
Teddy is surprised to see Cissy. Then, Teddy admits to her in no uncertain terms that he lied and that Alton has been put to death. He claims he fired two shots at Alton before disposing of his body. In a rage, Cissy steps back, pulls her handgun, and fires two shots at Teddy, causing him to die quickly from his wounds. She gets down on her knees and puts her hands up in the air as the police officers go closer to arrest her.

What Would Happen After Franklin's Death?

Does Franklin Die In Snowfall Season 6 Does Franklin Die In Snowfall Season 6?
Throughout the sixth season, the primary focus of the narrative has been on Franklin's last-ditch effort to locate Teddy and retrieve his money. On the other hand, Franklin seems to have lost access to his vast wealth and drug enterprise now that he is no longer around. As a result, he is completely helpless in the face of the federal officers who have been pursuing him.
Idris once said that his character, Franklin, is "really in survival mode." Co-creator Dave Andron of the show "Snowfall" noted the parallels between the characters of Franklin and Teddy and how their stories have been intertwined over all six seasons despite their differences. "I think there are similarities for all of the things that separate Teddy and Franklin," he stated. "I think there are similarities for everything." These two young men have very clear ideas of what they want to accomplish in life and can decipher how their actions will get them there. Both professionally and emotionally, they had been on the same page for a considerable time.


In reference to Franklin's final chapter in the "Snowfall" series, Andron commented as follows: "Finding the end is difficult, right? There is a predetermined ending for anti-hero stories, and I felt we needed to come up with one that went against that while remaining faithful to our show and Franklin's personality. I strongly suspect that we have found it: a solution that is unanticipated by him but unavoidable nonetheless.
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