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  1. #1. Did Young Thug Get A Bond?

Did Young Thug Get A Bond? Updated News

Did Young Thug get a bond? Here we go! For the first time in months, Young Thug, aka Jeffrey Williams, was back in court on a Fulton County judge's docket on Thursday afternoon. Rapper Jeffrey Williams (actual name unknown) was arrested along with more than two dozen other alleged gang members.
The rapper is suspected of having been an original member of the violent street gang known as Young Slime Life, which has been linked by the government to a number of heinous crimes including homicide, aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon, and armed robbery. RICO conspiracy charges were filed against Williams, fellow rapper Gunna, and twenty-six others in May.

#1. Did Young Thug Get A Bond?

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The prosecution claims that YSL is actually an abbreviation for "Young Stoner Life," the name of a music company. On Thursday, Williams made his first public appearance since his arrest in May, following in the footsteps of fellow Atlanta rapper Gunna, who had just pled guilty and been freed from jail the day before. As he entered the courthouse on Thursday, Williams smiled and waved to his loved ones.
His attorney, Brian Steel, sought to argue multiple motions about evidence and remarks made before the trial began on January 9. Steel said during a hearing on Thursday that warrants were either illegal or nonexistent during a search of Williams' house in 2015 during an earlier case. The police raided and recovered electronic devices, cell phones, and marijuana.
Steel speculated that data from those phones could have been used to secure the indictment. I questioned the legitimacy of Mr. Williams' initial intrusion into his home. Steel argued, "He has had his constitutional rights infringed, and the state has no authority to repeat the violation. With this order, Judge Ural Glanville sided with Young Thug and the defense, preventing the use of smartphones and other evidence seized from the rapper's house during that raid. I will defend him to the death: In his defense, Young Thug's dad claims his son has been falsely implicated. Gunna, whose real name is Sergio Kitchens, was freed from jail on Wednesday, the day before his hearing on Thursday, after pleading guilty to violating the RICO Act. As soon as Gunna walked out of the jail to see his loved ones, a crew from Channel 2 Action News was there to film the scene.


Did Young Thug Get A Bond
Gunna stated in a statement that he was entering a guilty plea but would not be helping the prosecution in any way. He further stated that he would not be participating in the trial in any way, had not been examined by prosecutors, and had not given any remarks. However, Gunna's admission in plea deals that he knew YSL members engaged in criminal behavior and gang activity hints at the contrary.
Walter Murphy, another YSL founder, pleaded guilty to RICO conspiracy on Tuesday and was released from jail as part of a plea deal. Both Murphy and Gunna have consented to have their sentences reduced and to serve 300 hours of community service, a large chunk of which will involve educating young people about the dangers of gangs and gang violence.
Murphy's attorney, Jacoby Hudson, has stated that his client agrees that YSL has become a gang. Hudson stated that Murphy had left YSL at the time of the indictment after serving almost six years on charges including a gang charge and four counts of aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon. He has been gainfully employed since his release and has avoided all YSL members. "I just want the younger kids to know that no matter what you did or what you think you're a part of, you're bigger than that," Murphy said.
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