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Did Troy from Swamp People Die? What Happened to Him?

The rumors about Troy's death seem to have started from unconfirmed news that wrongly said cancer was the reason. But, no, Troy Landry from "Swamp People," is not dead.

Recent rumors about his death are baseless. In fact, Troy Landry, at the age of 62, is getting better from prostate cancer surgery. His son, Jacob Landry, said on a Facebook video that Troy is back home and recovering well. He even humorously asked for his boat back in a recent Facebook post, showing he’s still got it and being active.


Key Takeaways

  • Troy Landry from "Swamp People" is doing well, not dead; he's bouncing back from prostate cancer surgery.
  • Even with some sad losses in the show, Troy keeps making a big splash in "Swamp People" and his community.

What Happened to Troy from Swamp People?

Did Troy from Swamp People Die Source: History Channel

Troy Landry, a top guy in the popular series "Swamp People," had a major health scare recently. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer, news that obviously worried his fans and followers. In late May, Troy had an important surgery to remove his prostate, affected by cancer. The surgery went well, and he gave a positive update from the hospital, saying it went well.

In the months after, Troy made great progress in getting better. His son, Jacob, gave heartening news on social media, showing that Troy was getting better and getting ready for the next season of "Swamp People." The lab reports were good, showing the surgery really helped with the cancer.


Troy Landry Obituary

Despite the rumors and wrong information going around, there’s no obituary for Troy Landry; he's still alive. The mix-up started with unconfirmed news that falsely said he died. However, his family quickly corrected this on social media.

Troy, with a big impact on "Swamp People," keeps connecting with his fans through his Facebook updates, showing his toughness and humor even when dealing with health problems.


Get To Know More about Troy Landry

What Happened to Troy from Swamp People Source: History Channel

Troy Landry's journey as an alligator hunter has won over viewers on "Swamp People." Born into a family strongly tied to the tradition of gator hunting, Troy has become the top guy in this unique job. His skills and experience in the Louisiana swamps got him the name "King of the Swamp." Through the years, he’s been in more than 157 episodes of "Swamp People," and he really helped make the show a hit. Besides the show, Troy also starred in "Swamp Mysteries with Troy Landry," showing his skills in the wild.

Net Worth 2023

As of 2023, Troy Landry's net worth is around $2 million. This fortune mainly comes from his time on "Swamp People," where he's been a mainstay since 2010.

Family Life

Troy Landry's life isn't only about alligators and TV shows; it's all about family too. Married to Bernita Landry since September 1981, they have two sons, Chase and Jacob Landry, and a stepson, Brandon Landry. His family is really important to him, both in his personal life and career, as they often join him on "Swamp People," sharing in their exciting and tough life.


Who Died in Swamp People?

While we’re thankful Troy Landry is still with us, "Swamp People" has lost some cast members over the years. These losses really hit the show's community and fans.

  • Mitchell Guist: A sad loss for the show was Mitchell Guist, who died at 48. Mitchell, seen in the second and third seasons, passed away from natural causes while working on his boat on the Belle River. His death on May 14, 2012, really shocked the "Swamp People" family and viewers.
  • Randy Edwards: Another sad moment was when Randy Edwards, 35 years old, passed away. A familiar face from Season 1 and Seasons 3-6, Randy, son of Junior and Theresa Edwards, died in a car accident in September 2018, leaving the "Swamp People" community and his fans mourning.
  • Tyler, Bruce Mitchell's Dog: Another loss was Tyler, Bruce Mitchell's beloved hound, known as "the Swamp Dog." Tyler died in 2014 from congestive heart failure at 13. His role was a special and heartwarming part of the show, and he is remembered fondly by fans.
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