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  1. #1. Did Elon Musk Fire The View Cast?

Did Elon Musk Fire The View Cast? Rumored Or Official?

Did Elon Musk fire The View cast? After hearing allegations that Elon Musk fired the whole cast of The View after he purchased ABC, many people are eager to find the truth about the situation. It's only normal for people to ask if the owner of Tesla has also acquired the network he joked about buying last year after spending a staggering $44 billion on Twitter. After all, it's only logical, given the circumstances.
We are, however, in a position to confirm that Elon did not purchase ABC in 2023 and did not fire the whole cast of the popular talk show after doing so. People are spreading the untrue story that once Elon Musk acquired ABC, he fired the entire cast of The View. People are talking about this myth.

#1. Did Elon Musk Fire The View Cast?

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This tale has been circulating since May 10, 2022, when it first appeared on Facebook in the form of a picture with a portrait of the comedian Joy Behar along with the text "Elon Musk submitted a tender offer to purchase 'The View' outright for $17 plus a coupon for a free appetizer at Applebee's."
Many people shared the idea that the billionaire genuinely had acquired the talk show network, even though the above meme only made fun of the accusation that he bought the network for the talk shows. However, we now understand that this was false and was only a rumor. The original cast members of The View are still performing their roles, and ABC remains the crown jewel of Disney Entertainment's portfolio.
While many people on the internet were quick to expose the hoax as a fabrication, some are still adamant about getting an answer from the source itself. A fan on Twitter sent a question to Elon, and they tagged him in the tweet. The question was as follows: "It's all over the internet that you purchased ABC for $37.5 billion and canceled the View. It has been said that Disney decided to accept your offer due to the current state of their finances.


Did Elon Musk Fire The View Cast Did Elon Musk Fire The View Cast?
Someone questioned Mr. Elon Musk, saying, "Mr. Musk, I keep seeing claims that you acquired ABC Company; is this legit? Thanks!" Another commenter said, "I read a fake article on Facebook that stated Elon Musk purchased ABC, and the first thing he did was to dismiss everyone who worked on The View." It will be fascinating to see if the founder of Twitter addresses the rumors or provides his original perspective on the situation.
Around the same time in 2022, when Elon purchased Twitter, there was considerable speculation that he had also acquired ABC. Things took an unexpected turn when Tesla's owner joined in on the platform's jokes and further taunted his supporters over the likelihood of him owning the biggest companies. A malicious slant was added to the millionaire's tweet in which he discussed his ownership of Coca-Cola.


It caused a worldwide sensation when he tweeted, "Next, I'm purchasing Coca-Cola to put the cocaine back in." The agreement was never finalized, but in due time it became common knowledge that the original Coca-Cola recipe called for the use of cocaine. In addition, you might remember that it was rumored that he had purchased Shady Records, which is Eminem's record company. Even so, that did not turn out to be the case.
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