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  1. #1. Did Andy Cohen And Anderson Cooper Date?
  2. #2. What Did They Say?

Did Andy Cohen And Anderson Cooper Date? Like Ever?

Did Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper date? The perfect pair! It's no surprise that Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper are BFF goals, given that they have the same initials and work in comparable fields.
It was practically a blind date in the early 1990s when the Watch What Happens Live presenter and Cooper first met. Cohen breached the CNN news anchor's "cardinal rule" of dating by bringing up his wealthy mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, which prevented the two from developing emotional feelings for one another.

#1. Did Andy Cohen And Anderson Cooper Date?

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To paraphrase, "Andy and I were originally set up on a blind date, which never materialized because we had a phone chat and after two minutes I declared, 'I'm not dating this person.'" Cooper mentioned it in a December 2016 episode of Watch What Happens Live. When we met, he violated my number one rule by bringing up my mother.
The two never really went out on a date, but their friendship flourished and eventually became a productive professional partnership. Since 2016, Cohen and Cooper have taken their conversational stage tour, "AC2: An Intimate Evening with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen," on the road annually. Since 2017, the presenter of Radio Andy has also cohosted CNN's New Year's Eve Live with Anderson Cooper.
Cohen and the author of Nothing Left Said have been each other's rock through the highs and lows of their professional and personal lives. When Cooper's mother, Gloria, passed away in June 2019, the Bravo executive posted a heartfelt homage to her memory.

#2. What Did They Say?

Did Andy Cohen And Anderson Cooper Date
According to an Instagram post by Cohen at the time, "Gloria Vanderbilt was a great lady who had a life filled with spectacular peaks and unfathomable difficulties." She kept her everlasting optimism and sassy sense of humor through it all. It was Anderson's mother who provided him with his trademark contagious chuckle. Anderson, you have my deepest condolences; may she finally find peace.
Cooper was also there for Cohen while the Bravo host recuperated from coronavirus in April 2020. He kept his distance by societal norms. After Cohen's friend rode by his New York City apartment, he snapped a shot and uploaded it to Instagram.


The best friends have also reached an important life goal by becoming parents. In February 2019, Cohen and his surrogate gave birth to their son Benjamin. Cooper, meanwhile, shared the news that his son Wyatt was born through a surrogate in April 2020.
In May of 2020, Cohen said on Instagram that he hoped he and his pal would "be great buddies" with their boys when they grow up. Now that she has a daughter, Bravo producer Lucy, Cooper has a son, Sebastian. Both children were born via surrogacy.
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