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  1. #1. Derek Hough Beauty And The Beast Leads Ensemble

Derek Hough 'Beauty And The Beast' Leads Ensemble

Searching for information about Derek Hough Beauty And The Beast? Here we go! Something enchanted is happening on a studio's back lot in Burbank, California. Josh Groban and H.E.R. make their way down velvet-lined stairs while Dancing With the Stars judge Derek Hough counts out steps for the waltzing, bewigged ensemble. The song "Beauty and the Beast," which won an Academy Award for Best Original Song, is playing in the background.
Enchantment can be found in every corner of the set, a vast soundstage that has been changed into the Beast's castle. It comprises archways subtly modified by projections and a central staircase lined with candelabra. It is not the result of a curse placed on Beauty and the Beast by an Enchantress; rather, it is the setup for Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration.

#1. Derek Hough Beauty And The Beast Leads Ensemble

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The anniversary special (recorded a few weeks ago and will air on ABC on December 15) will flip between the 1991 animated film and newly staged live-action scenes, including musical numbers choreographed by a team led by Jamal Sims. This will be similar to The Little Mermaid Live!, which aired in 2019 and flipped between the animated film and newly staged live-action scenes. In addition, it will include stories from behind the scenes of the production of the original movie as well as tributes to a significant portion of the voice actors, animators, and songwriters Alan Menken and Howard Ashman.
Katy Mullan, the executive producer, describes the event as "both a tribute and a celebration." "To carry on the legacy of the original artists responsible for bringing this story to life in the first place, it is important to celebrate them. The more layers you peel back and uncover about what it required to develop this movie in the first place, the more enthusiastic you become to be a part of this show."

Superstars 'Assemble'

Derek Hough Beauty And The Beast
The proceedings feel as enchanted as a singing teapot because of the lavish set dressings that borrow heavily from the Disney team's original animation sketches (including life-size renderings of the black-and-white drawings, which you can see in our full gallery of exclusive images), the updated costumes, and the ability to redress the space at will via projections. However, this time, the enchantment also tries to accommodate everyone viewing.
The special's narrator, Rita Moreno, is quite enthusiastic about the multifaceted approach that producer Jon M. Chu took (Crazy Rich Asians, the next Wicked movies), as well as award show director Hamish Hamilton, who won an Emmy for his work (Oscars, VMAs). The 91-year-old man tells Entertainment Weekly, "This is possibly the greatest all-inclusive production that has ever been seen on television." "It includes all of them. There are people of different races and ethnicities, as well as white folks and those that are overweight. It's a wonderful thing."


Derek Hough Beauty And The Beast
Joshua Henry, a talented performer from Broadway who plays the role of Gaston in the live-action sequences, stated that "it was an honor to be engaged with such a diverse bunch." "Not just the diversity of where we're from and the color of our skin, but the types of artists, the comedic chops, and the music styles are different in so many ways," he continues of his costars, which include Only Murders in the Building actor Martin Short as Lumiere, comedian David Alan Grier as Cogsworth, balladeer Josh Groban as Prince Adam/Beast, R&B star H.E.R. as Belle, and country music phenom Shani (Mrs. Potts).
Groban equates the event to attending summer camp themed around Beauty and the Beast: "The fact that we had all been humming these songs for the entirety of our lives before entering a celebration such as this — with a cast that comes from very different worlds coming together to throw a big bash such as this — is one of the cool things about entering a celebration such as this. We all share a common point of light: we adore both this music and this film, regardless of whether we are in the pop or rock genres, in the comedy world, or in any other field. To honor it this way brought forth the same childish joy in all of us."
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