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  1. Denise Pesina – The Mother Behind Highland Park Shooter Robert Crimo III
  2. Denise Pesina’s Age
  3. Denise Pesina’s Career
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  5. Denise Pesina’s Parents
  6. Denise Pesina’s Political Views
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Meet Denise Pesina - Robert Crimo III’s Mother & Learn About Her Age, Career And More

Following the tragic July 4th shooting that claimed six lives during the Thanksgiving Day Parade, curiosity has turned to Denise Pesina, Robert Crimo III’s mother, also known as Awake The Rapper. This article offers a glimpse into her background, including her age, profession, family, and political affiliations. Explore the attached file for a comprehensive overview right here!


Denise Pesina – The Mother Behind Highland Park Shooter Robert Crimo III

Denise Pesina – Highland Park Shooter Robert Crimo III's Mom Source: Google Images

Denise Pesina - A Family Perspective

Denise Crimo (Pesina) is the mother of Robert Crimo III, the individual involved in the Highland Park shooting incident. She shares him with her husband, Bob Crim or Robert Crim Jr. Born on September 20, 2000, Robert was 21 years old when he was apprehended. At the time, he resided in a Highwood, Illinois, apartment behind a house owned by his father, Bob.

Family Ties & Dynamics

Denise's husband, Bob, is the son of Robert “Bob” Crimo Sr. and Christina Crimo (née Caldarelli). In 2022, Bob is 58 years old, born in 1964.

lynette pesina

Siblings & Their Pursuits

In addition to Robert III, the couple has two other children. Lynette Pesina, their eldest daughter, is 27 years old in 2022. Lynette is an Account Executive at CareerBuilder, having joined in September 2019. Her professional journey began in 2018 as a Junior Account Executive on Yelp. Lynette's brief acting venture is highlighted in her Explore Talent profile, which states she stands at 5'2" with brown eyes and hair.

A Glimpse Into Daily Life

Robert III's brother-in-law, Paul Crimo, provided insights to CNN about the ordinary Sunday evening when he last saw Robert. Paul described a normal scene of Robert sitting in his armchair, engrossed in his computer. There were no signs of violence or concern in his behavior. Paul explained that Robert is typically quiet and keeps to himself.

A Heartfelt Perspective

Paul Crimo expressed his profound grief for the families affected by the tragedy, sharing, "I am so heartbroken for all the families that lost their lives."


Denise Pesina’s Age

Denise Pesina is 49 years old in October 2022 as she was born in 1973.


Denise Pesina’s Career

robert crimo mother Source: Google Images

Denise Pesina has ventured into the realm of holistic health as a professional at Trilogy Energy Systems, as indicated by her LinkedIn profile. She embraces the role of a self-proclaimed "healer" within her Mormon faith. It is noteworthy that in 2015, she was allegedly arrested for domestic violence, reflecting a complex personal journey.

In addition to her involvement in holistic health, Denise extends her support to her husband's endeavors in the family business. Together with her husband, they are the proprietors of Bob’s Pantry and Deli, Inc. This family-oriented establishment thrives in Highland Park, providing a safe and supportive environment for community interaction. Bob's Pantry and Deli Inc. is renowned for its deli offerings, including fresh meats, cheeses, and garnishes, which stand as their signature items. The business not only caters to culinary delights but also serves as a hub for engaging conversations among patrons.

denise pesina husband Source: Google Images

Denise's husband, Bob, has a remarkable history of entrepreneurship. He previously owned a "Smočnica beliči kokoši" in Ravinia for over 18 years before its acquisition by Seven-Eleven in 2007. Despite setbacks, including the loss of the shop and job, Bob's dedication to the business sphere reflects 39 years of valuable work experience.

An intriguing tidbit about Denise is her connection to martial artist Daniel Pesin, a known figure in the Mortal Kombat video games, associated with characters such as Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Reptile, and Smoke.


Denise Pesina’s Social Networks

Denise Pesina has an account on Facebook (@denise.pesina), but there are no posts on her profile currently. 

She is available on Twitter.


Denise Pesina’s Parents

There is not much information about Denisa Pesina's parents. However, some of the people she is associated with include Ruben A Pesina, Carlos Pesina, Ruben C Pesina, Bianca Pesina, Bengino Pesina, Antonio Pesina, and Maria Pesina among others.


Denise Pesina’s Political Views

what nationality is crimo Source: Google Images

While specific information about Denise Pesina's political views remains elusive, her husband's online interactions hint at his stance. Notably, he liked a tweet endorsing the Second Amendment shortly after the tragic Uvalde school massacre, which claimed the lives of 19 children and two teachers. The tweet conveyed the message: "Protect the 2nd Amendment like his life depended on it."

This action suggests an alignment with certain viewpoints related to the Second Amendment. Furthermore, their son Bobby Crimo demonstrated his support for former President Donald Trump by sharing an image of himself wearing a Trump flag as a cape on his Twitter account. While direct insights into Denise's political leanings are limited, these online interactions from her family members provide a glimpse into the broader political atmosphere within their household.


Denise Pesina FAQs

Denise Pesina FAQs Source: Google Images

1. Where Does Denise Pesina Come From?

Denise Pesina came from Highland Park, IL. She also lived in Highwood, Illinois, and Chicago, as well as El Paso, Texas.

2. What Is Denise Pesina’s Birthday Month?

Denise Pesina’s birthday month is October.

3. How Much Is Denise Pesina Net Worth?

Denise’s estimated net worth is above $500k.



In short, Denise Pesina may not be a well-known figure in the world of celebrities, yet she plays a significant role in the life of Robert Crimo III. Throughout this article, we've unveiled insights into her family, profession, and even glimpses of her political leanings. Her life resembles a puzzle, with diverse pieces that come together to form a distinctive portrait. While some gaps remain, I hope that the information provided above has offered you a clearer understanding of her life and career journey.

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