‘Dear Edward’ Ending Explained: Is Charles Gay? What’s In The Letter To Edward?

Dear Edward,” a new drama series on Apple TV, is based on Ann Napolitano’s book of the same name. “Dear Edward” relates the story of a horrific plane crash in which a twelve-year-old kid named Edward Adler was the only survivor who developed PTSD following the tragic incident. This Apple TV series, which has only had three episodes aired, introduces us to the passengers on the plane in the first episode, which helps us connect with them and feel sorrow for their untimely passing in the plane crash. Here is ‘Dear Edward’ three first episode recap and ending explanation.

#1. Dear Edward Episode 1, 2, and 3 Recap

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'Pilot' begins with a group of people preparing to board Trinity Flight 1483, which travels from New York City to Los Angeles. Edward is relocating to Los Angeles with his family, which includes his brother Jordan and his parents. Congresswoman Washington boards the plane shortly after her granddaughter Adriana resigns from her staff because she is dissatisfied with the complexities of politics. An aspiring actress boards a plane to New York City to audition for a role, leaving her daughter Becks behind. Dee Dee and her daughter Zoe are celebrating their birthdays while their husband Charles is on the same flight to Los Angeles. Gary, Linda's boyfriend, is also returning to his parents.

#2. Dear Edward: Is Charles Gay? Was He Having an Affair? 

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Upon confronting Noelle, Dee Dee learns that her husband has been a generous contributor and supporter of an LA-based LQBTQ+ organization. While going through his photographs, she also comes across a particular photo of Charles with another man while attending a party organized by the same organization. Since Noelle doesn’t discuss Charles’ sexual orientation, it is possible that nobody has a clear picture of his sexuality even if he is a queer individual. Since Charles has lived a parallel life, away from Dee Dee and Zoe, in Los Angeles secretly, it is clear that he had a secret and it can be that he was gay or bisexual.
Charles’ association with the organization could have been his way of spending his time with fellow queer individuals. He might have had an affair with the man in the photograph, which explains why he had a secret condo in LA. Charles could have been living with the unrevealed man at the place. Having said that, Charles loved Dee Dee and Zoe. That’s the reason why he expresses his love for them while he faces death at a short distance. But he might haven’t been able to hide his real sexual orientation and identity anymore. If that’s the case, it isn’t a surprise that he eventually distanced himself from his wife and daughter.

#3. What is the Letter to Edward About? What’s in it?

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While Edward is with Lacey, the girl at the supermarket leaves a letter for Edward at John and Lacey's house. John picks up the same and tries, but fails, to figure out who dropped the same. Rather than keeping it for Edward to read, he keeps it in a box with other letters from all over the world that the 12-year-old has received. In the letter, the mystery girl may have revealed her identity to Edward. Because the only thing she talks about when she meets him at the supermarket is Jordan, it is safe to assume she is acquainted with Edward's brother.
The girl may have explained how she met Edward, most likely through Jordan, in the letter. If she knew anything about his late brother, she might know how close the two brothers were before Jordan died. Jordan could have told her how he had gotten his little brother back and had given up his admission to a school to be with him while he was homeschooled. The girl may have realized that Jordan is an important part of Edward's life, which is why she is particularly sorry for Edward's loss of Jordan as a result of the plane crash that also killed his mother and father.

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Jordan's feelings for Edward may also be expressed in the letter. The girl must believe that her words will help him cope with his brother's death. However, John is unaware that the letter is not one of many that he has received in the name of Edward that may express the senders' sympathies to him. Edward may not read the girl's letter anytime soon because he hides it in a box, knowing that it will be too much for his nephew to read. Having said that, since John hasn't destroyed it, he may eventually read it. is a website that provides you with sport updates and Entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about updated TV & Movies.
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