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Dear David Release Date: The Creepy Viral Twitter Thread Comes To Life

Buckle up for an eerie journey into the unknown as Dear David 2023 movie release date draws close. This supernatural horror movie, based on a viral Twitter thread, promises to be a heart-pounding, nerve-wracking experience that horror aficionados won't want to miss. 

Dive into the depths of this terrifying story, meet the talented cast, and uncover the enigmatic origins of 'Dear David' as it materializes in theaters and on streaming platforms this fall.


Dear David Movie Release Date & Trailer

Dear David Movie Release Date Source: Netflix

Prepare to be spooked and thrilled this fall as the viral Twitter thread that sent shivers down the internet's spine, "Dear David," makes its way to the big screen. Lionsgate, in collaboration with BuzzFeed, is set to release the highly anticipated horror film, "Dear David," on October 13, 2023

This spine-tingling tale of terror will be available in theaters as well as for streaming on the same day, giving you the option to experience the supernatural chills in your preferred setting.

If you're a fan of horror with a dash of social media suspense, then this is a film you won't want to miss. The official trailer, released by BuzzFeedVideo on July 19, 2023, promises a hair-raising experience. As the trailer unfolds, you'll be drawn into a world where reality blurs with the supernatural, leaving you on the edge of your seat.


Dear David Trailer

Source: Netflix

The Cast Of Dear David

"Dear David" boasts a talented ensemble cast, with Augustus Prew taking on the role of Adam Ellis, the haunted protagonist at the center of this eerie story. Joining him is Cameron Nicoll, who plays the chilling character of David, the ghostly child with a gruesome secret. Justin Long plays the role of Bryce, the head of BuzzFeed, encouraging Adam to exploit the haunting for online attention.

What Is The Plot Of Dear David 2023 About?

Plot Of Dear David 2023 Source: Netflix

Based on the viral Twitter thread by former BuzzFeed employee and comic book artist Adam Ellis, the "Dear David" movie takes you on a bone-chilling journey into the unknown. In this hair-raising tale, Adam Ellis finds himself haunted by a malevolent spirit, David, after he engages with online trolls. However, this version of the story introduces a new twist with a cursed Twitter account linked to the haunting.

As the supernatural events escalate, Adam's grasp on reality begins to slip, and he becomes entangled in a web of paranormal terror and torment. While the movie draws inspiration from the original Twitter thread, it introduces fresh elements to keep you guessing and gasping.

Plot Of Dear David 2023Source: Google Images


Dear David Full Story Explained: The Horror Of The Viral Tweet

The chilling tale of 'Dear David' didn't just manifest on the big screen; it emerged from the depths of a viral Twitter thread that captivated audiences in 2017. BuzzFeed illustrator Adam Ellis embarked on an unexpected journey when he moved into a new apartment, blissfully unaware of the spine-tingling experiences that awaited him.

What began as unsettling dreams about a mysterious boy named "Dear David" evolved into a series of paranormal occurrences that shook Ellis to his core.

The Horror Of The Viral TweetSource: Twitter

In the original Twitter thread, Ellis detailed his dreams about "Dear David," the ghost of a dead child with a dented skull. These dreams soon evolved into a haunting reality, marked by sleep paralysis, unexplained sounds, and the unnerving antics of his two cats. To add to the growing sense of dread, Ellis discovered strange static noises on his sound recordings at 3 AM and even received mysterious phone calls. His nanny cam captured chilling footage of objects moving on their own, including a rocking chair.

Despite moving to a different apartment upstairs, Ellis found no respite. His cats continued to react strangely, gathering by the front door at midnight. The inexplicable static sound persisted, and Ellis started receiving calls from an unknown number. Nanny cam recordings revealed unsettling activity in the apartment, including the rocking chair rocking by itself.

The Horror Of The Viral TweetSource: Twitter
The culmination of his terrifying ordeal occurred during a bout of sleep paralysis when "Dear David" visited once more. This time, Ellis managed to take photographs before falling back asleep. When he reviewed the images the next morning, he was met with a terrifying sight.

These images and revelations, combined with Ellis's growing discomfort and fear, were documented in his Twitter thread, which garnered widespread attention and left readers genuinely disturbed. Despite the frenzy surrounding the story, Ellis assured his followers that he was unharmed and well, though his eerie experiences had left an indelible mark.

Dear David Full Story Explained: The Horror Of The Viral Tweet

Source: Twitter

Now, the haunting story that sent shivers down Twitter users' spines has been adapted into a film, promising to delve even deeper into the mysteries surrounding "Dear David." While the cinematic version introduces a new twist, with "Dear David" originating as a Twitter account and making contact with Ellis after a social media dispute, the underlying sense of dread and paranormal intrigue remains intact.


Who Is Making Dear David

Who Is Making Dear David 2023 Source: Netflix
"Dear David" is directed by John McPhail, known for his work on "Anna and the Apocalypse." The screenplay is penned by Mike Van Waes and Evan Turner. This talented team is set to deliver a spine-tingling cinematic experience that will leave you questioning the boundaries between the real and the supernatural.

Where To Watch Dear David

You can catch "Dear David" in theaters on October 13, 2023, for a heart-pounding cinematic experience. Alternatively, if you prefer the comfort of your own home, the movie will be available for streaming on the same day, ensuring you can enjoy the scares your way.


Dear David movie release date - Summary Source: Netflix
"Dear David" promises to be a bone-chilling horror film that will keep you at the edge of your seat. With a talented cast, a fresh take on the viral Twitter thread, and the creative minds behind the scenes, this movie is set to deliver unforgettable scares. Whether you're a fan of supernatural horror or simply love a good fright, don’t miss out on Dear David movie release date - set for October 13, 2023!
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