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  1. Thomas DiPietro And Danielle Cabral: A Strained Relationship
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Who Is Danielle Cabral’s Brother, Thomas DiPietro? All To Know About Him

Meet Danielle Cabral’s brother, Thomas DiPietro, the enigmatic figure in the life of this TRHNJ star. As fans are curious about the show, a series of questions naturally arise: Who is Thomas DiPietro, and why is he estranged from his famous sister? How does his absence impact the Cabral family dynamics and the show's unfolding drama?

Join us as we unveil intriguing facts about Thomas. As you read on, you'll discover the reasons behind the strained relationship between Thomas and his well-known sibling, Danielle.


Thomas DiPietro And Danielle Cabral: A Strained Relationship

In a TRHNJ episode, Danielle hosted a party for her daughter, Valentina. However, her estranged brother Tommy's absence leaves a noticeable void.

Danielle reveals she hasn't spoken to Thomas for years, and their paths have diverged. She decided to block him on social media a few years ago because he had made fun of her. In response, Thomas didn’t invite Danielle to his wedding.

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Upon discovering that he was expecting another child, Danielle and her husband, Nate Cabral, tried to patch things up with Thomas. Sadly, Thomas wasn't quite ready to forgive his sister, so he sent their gift back.


Who Is Thomas DiPietro’s Wife?

Thomas’s wife is Gabrielle Rossiello. They got married on October 1, 2020, after he proposed to her in 2019. They welcomed a daughter named Carmella in 2022, two years after their wedding. It appears that they are not very active on social media platforms.

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How Old Is Thomas DiPietro?

As of September 2023, Danielle Cabral’s brother was 34 years old.


Thomas DiPietro's Career

As of now, there is no available information regarding Thomas's current employment status. Thomas graduated from Wagner High School before enrolling at Staten Island University. During his time at college, he always wanted to become a baseball star.

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  • Where Does Thomas Live?

Thomas lives in Staten Island, New York.

  • What Is Thomas’s Date Of Birth?

There is no information available about his birthday.

  • Does Thomas Have Social Media Accounts?

Thomas can be found on Instagram @tdipietro25.



Danielle Cabral’s brother Source: bravowwhl

In conclusion, Danielle Cabral’s brother, Thomas DiPietro, remains an enigmatic presence in her life. His estrangement from Danielle has left a noticeable void in their family.

While the reasons behind their feud remain veiled, one thing is certain: the emotions run deep between the siblings. As Danielle attempts to bridge the gap and reconnect with her brother, the audience is left to wonder whether reconciliation is on the horizon or if the wounds of the past will prove too difficult to heal.

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