20 Cringe-worthy Tattoos That Deserve A Big "NO"

We all know tattoos are permanent. Once you have a tattoo, it will stay there with you for the rest of your life. Having tattoos removed is possible but not really recommended because there is a chance that it will leave a scar on your skin. Therefore, before you decide to have one of your own, please think carefully. Turn to your friends to ask for advice if needed. Or else, your tattoos will end up on this online community on Reddit known as r/sh***ytattoos.
In the gallery below, we rounded up 20 examples of cringe-worthy tattoos that everyone should never try out. Scroll down to see for yourself! If you want to see more, check out our previous compilation here!

#1. Pirate Pikachu

Source: crazyhawk44

#2. Per request … my sock

Source: Kindling_

#3. Per request … my sock

Source: blckdrgnfghtngscty

#4. Trump

Source: zzill6

#5. Fresh cut

Source: Turtleisim

#6. Ur mom

Source: assntiddiees

#7. The longer you look the worse they get

Source: NemoHobbits

#8. Can I have more eyebrows please?

Source: sakurakirei

#9. The irony

Source: TheNamelessYeti

#10. Look like eyeballs

Source: shitstainshawty

#11. This face says a lot of things

Source: Jaxical

#12. Great job on your new stretch marks

Source: damechou

#13. This is disrespecting the dead...

Source: corazonsinalma

#14. Local shop showcasing portraits

Source: Pepper-Tea

#15. Betty boop

Source: manamadek

#16. Life is a Highway

Source: BearWearingPants

#17. Rick and Morty

Source: LordMinivan

#18. Did they want “ Only God Can Judge Me?”

Source: LordMinivan


Source: Old-Obligation6861

#20. A Tattoo That Reflects Our Current State

Source: fast328

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