17 Sh*tty Tattoos No One Should Ever Try Out

Perhaps everyone is aware of the fact that tattoos are permanent. Once you have them on your body, they will stay forever on your skin. They might slowly fade over time but never disappear. That's why you should think carefully before deciding what you would want to grow old and die with. However, some people must have not thought it through when they came to the tattoo artist. As a result, what is considered art like tattoos became hilarious jokes on their bodies for the rest of their lives.
We made a compilation of 17 sh*tty tattoos that are not recommended for anyone. That is to warn you of one important thing: don't decide to have a tattoo when you're not sober or have it just for fun. You will probably regret it later.

#1. Twilight tattoo

shitty tattoosSource: shah_mazing

#2. More pressure on females to have the perfect body

Source: cheekbuster89

#3. This is disrespecting the dead

shitty tattoosSource: corazonsinalma

#4. Mashed potatoes anyone?

Source: ihrie82

#5. My Lord what have they done to you?

Source: RyanMellow

#6. Buddy got this as a joke, kinda love it tho lol

Source: bythirsti

#7. "My very own terrible tattoo"

shitty tattoosSource: DoomOutlet

#8. Bro can draw anything and chooses to draw a cock on his leg

shitty tattoosSource: zhazhka

#9. This is Monday Friday Adams

Source: diver68

#10. All hail Dalek Jesus

shitty tattoosSource: amortalwitch

#11. All the pain of an armpit tattoo to end up with this

Source: Annsman1010

#12. "Oops, I meant Hollie"

shitty tattoosSource: humblepieone

#13. Looks like he fell asleep while babysitting a toddler

Source: Important-Stomach406

#14. Guy said it was a drunk mistake

Source: enby_pidgon

#15. "I now see the dog but at first I thought it was supposed to be Voldemort."

shitty tattoosSource: minvo

#16. Jesus Christ

shitty tattoosSource: moosemoth

#17. "My sister-in-law’s lovely tattoo"

shitty tattoosSource: uncertainpeppery

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