20 Crazily Funny Signs To Cure The Monday Blues

Signs are created to draw attention and aid in communication. In fact, signs are frequently put up in visible locations so that everyone can see them and understand what to do or not do, acquire information, or sometimes be inspired by motivating quotations, etc. Signs sometimes do less (or more) than they should, making us pause to wonder what is happening. Those signs are often something so silly, weird, obvious, or useless that you won't believe that they actually exist. People don't often come across such funny signs, so when they do, they feel the urge to capture them and share them with others.
We've collected a list of 20 crazily funny signs to help you get through Monday blues. Scroll down for some fun! Check out our previous post here for more!

#1. Here’s a sign and a speeding ticket…

Source: Austin Zaker

#2. And no doubt it is

Source: Geeky Steven

#3. That would make more sense

Source: Steve Pépin

#4. Could not agree more

Source: Sonny Gough

#5. I hope they have a ruler or tape measure built into the toilet!

Source: Mione Tankard

#6. “We can’t even trust ourselves!”

Source: Lauren Fisher

#7. On the floor of a public library?

Source: Kari Barry

#8. Hmmm

Source: Denny Smith

#9. I just wanted to ride my ant… Damn

Source: Bjj_Mikaka

#10. Buying for a friend

Source: Cindy Morrison

#11. It's rights, okay?

Source: Certain_Style4833

#12. All of these apply!

Source: licababy02

#13. Save the ducks!

Source: Pumuckl4Life

#14. Related!!!

Source: Original-Ad-9827

#15. Did it cost $8?

Source: GryphonSK

#16. Uh-oh

Source: Kayla Wilson

#17. It said 'resurrection' at one time

Source: loiseaujoli

#18. It's too bad I forgot my glasses

Source: SnowIcy5255

#19. Stop here!

Source: licababy02

#20. Just look at the whole picture lol

Source: Lmanwell23

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