"Construction Fails": 22 Terrifying Photos That Will Drive You Crazy To Look At

We invest a lot of money to build a house, but the results are unsatisfactory. The house was not built exactly as the original architects intended. That irritates us and makes us want to punch those construction workers. You can't punch them since it's against the law. However, we agree with you that some construction workers did not complete their tasks during construction projects. Safety first, right? Each company has policies for employees to follow in order to ensure their safety and ability to do their work. However, for whatever reason, many people disregard all workplace safety laws. Maybe they're curious to see what happens if they do. And netizens felt panicked when witnessing "Construction Fails" photos.
"Construction Fails," an online community dedicated to sharing anything and everything related to construction gone wrong. And here are 22 terrifying photos that make you go "Hmm." These images are hilarious and weird, but they are also a reminder to everyone to be safe at work. Scroll down to check them out, and don’t forget to share them with your relatives. Enjoy!

#1. Parkour

Source: mpcromar

#2. To install an air conditioning unit

Source: dapper333

#3. Why?

Source: ratkinggo

#4. I’m no fire inspector but, l think this is too close to a wood pantry?

Source: LavishMeDarling

#5. Legendary

Source: Aquila_1214

#6. Bro think your house is separating from you

Source: Aquila_1214

#7. What could go wrong?

Source: PuzzleheadedRaise565

#8. Hmmm

Source: nopenope911

#9. We call this one, “The Landlord Supremo”

Source: wheekwheekmeow

#10. The stairs on the side of this building

Source: anthonyhuiReport


#11. Neighbors attempting to reinforce their stone wall with….spray foam insulation

Source: tacobonerstink

#12. "Construction is my passion" 2.0

Source: MadMax686

#13. Hey boss, tucked the light switch in the corner like you asked

Source: wheekwheekmeow

#14. Fan go bonk

Source: Theodorefortesque

#15. Windy

Source: hollidaytamale

#16. A friend just bought new construction

Source: nolimitxox

#17. That's one way to do it, I guess

Source: DJA1982

#18. An accident waiting to happen

Source: Dalton_P

#19. Used the wrong template?

Source: haileypetrov92

#20. Bathroom at a local bar

Source: G_W_Winsterhammerman

#21. Looks like an AI painting

Source: Heam21

#22. Who do you blame for this?

Source: jmirrrr

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