21 Hilariously Weird Designs For Folks With Awful Taste

Have you ever seen a human centipede bench, a lavishly adorned toilet, or a lifelike furry skeleton? They are all designed in an inspired manner and do not adhere to any regulations. Perhaps designers are tired of making tasteless, uninteresting things and feel compelled to do something to change the world. Maybe for a moment, they thought their hilariously weird designs could save the world.
We’ve found a Reddit forum that is dedicated to sharing all things gaudy, ugly, overdone, and otherwise tasteless. "Awful Taste But Great Execution" refers to everything that displays quality craftsmanship in the least elegant way possible. Here are 21 hilariously weird designs for folks with awful taste. Are you ready? Let’s scroll down to check them out and enjoy!

#1. Human centipede benches

Source: Reddit

#2. This spooky girl

Source: Flats490

#3. So comfortable

Source: RyleIsStillPLaaying

#4. From a snake group

Source: motherfuqueer

#5. Having gold chains in place of having hair

Source: RayZenz91

#6. Cherub Bobby Hill

Source: No-Association3574

#7. Now, if only I could catch Rocksteady

Source: Jaymez82

#8. Seen on Facebook Marketplace. The sewing of these took some real talent

Source: gingercat04

#9. When you can't bring your actual dog with you to the store

Source: dilettantedebrah

#10. Yoda Head

Source: TooHigh2Die420

#11. Perc cake

Source: iitc25

#12. This Chandelier

Source: This Chandelier

#13. Who commissions things like this?

Source: IndividualwMinute

#14. Bubble Mo-beetle

Source: OkieDokieArtichokee

#15. Preganancy test initial

Source: jaimmster

#16. Pokemon card dress

Source: Beautiful_Fishing569

#17. Taxidermy Bear bed

Source: Ebonystealth

#18. Jeyoncé

Source: KayleighJK

#19. The fine China Burger

Source: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#20. The ultimate jigsaw puzzle for the guy that installs wooden flooring

Source: EndersGame_Reviewer

#21. The furry skeleton isn't real, it can't hurt you

Source: fourDnet

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