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  1. Christian de la Torre From The Traitors’ Bio, Career & Personal Life
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Meet Christian de la Torre From The Traitors: Bio, Relationship & TV Shows

Christian de la Torre, a lively character from the reality TV series "The Traitors," grabs the audience's attention with his distinct mix of charisma and intrigue. As a contestant in the first U.S. season of this exciting show, de la Torre's journey and interactions form a key part of the series' dynamic. Let’s explore his life, from his early years to his role in "The Traitors."


Christian de la Torre From The Traitors’ Bio, Career & Personal Life

christian from the traitors bio Source: Peacock

Christian Sergio de la Torre, born on May 30, 1993, hails from Wisconsin. Growing up, Christian often participated in sports events that took him across the United States. These early experiences sparked his lasting love for travel and adventure. Tragically, he never had the chance to meet his father, Sergio, who was from Los Angeles and passed away before Christian was born.


Christian de la Torre's career is marked by a major change from military service to the Entertainment industry. After serving in the Army, he started living a life of exploration and creativity. His journey led him to acting, where he balances his career with a love for traveling.


During the reunion of 'The Traitors.', Christian de la Torre revealed that he was in a relationship with fellow contestant Geraldine Moreno. This relationship blossomed out of their shared experiences on "The Traitors," highlighting an unexpected but heartwarming outcome of the show. 

Christian de la Torre’s Movies And TV Shows

  • 'The Traitors' (2023)
  • 'Krishnas: Gurus. Karma. Murder' (2023) as Charles St. Denis

Hobbies And Interests

Avid rock climbing, hiking, running, and a penchant for van-life adventures outline Christian's hobbies and interests.

Physical Appearance

Christian de la Torre is known for his athletic build, a testament to his active lifestyle. His physical appearance complements his adventurous spirit, reflecting his love for outdoor activities and fitness.

Social Media

Christian can be found on Instagram, under the handle @christiandelatorre_.


Christian de la Torre In The Show "The Traitors"

christian from the traitors Source: Peacock
Christian de la Torre's role in "The Traitors" is a key role in his career. In the show, Christian interacts with a diverse cast of both celebrities and civilians, handling the challenges of the game with a smart and charming approach. His interactions with other contestants, including notable names like Cirie Fields, Cody Calafiore, and Arie Luyendyk Jr., highlight his ability to form alliances and plan well.
"The Traitors" is set in a remote castle in the Scottish Highlands, where contestants face a series of challenges to add cash to the grand prize. As an Original Traitor in the show, Christian plays a key role in the dynamics of the game. He is involved in many important moments, including making decisions on who to 'murder' in the game's context and facing the challenge of keeping his secret identity as a traitor while gaining trust with other players.
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