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  1. What Is Chris Pratt’s Latest Controversy?
  2. What Was Chris Pratt’s Response?
  3. Timeline Of All Chris Pratt’s Controversies
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New MCU Book Reminds Us How There Are More Of Chris Pratt Than His Controversies

The upcoming book "MCU: The Reign of Marvel Studios" has resurfaced the story about Chris Pratt's remarkable physical transformation for his Marvel role. However, Pratt is renowned not only for his commitment but also for his history of controversies and dramas.

Recently, he faced yet another wave of criticism. In light of this, let's explore his response to the latest controversy and revisit all of Chris Pratt's controversies when he found himself entangled in contentious situations.


What Is Chris Pratt’s Latest Controversy?

chris pratt drama for his casting voice of Mario Source: Yahoo News
Critics are questioning Chris Pratt's vocal performance as Mario in the Super Mario Bros. movie, suggesting that he falls short of the energetic standard set by other cast members like Jack Black, Charlie Day, and Seth Rogen.

This has raised concerns about Hollywood's tendency to recast established voice roles with star power. Many fans have also expressed the desire for Pratt to adopt a more authentic Italian accent for his portrayal of Mario, given the character's iconic Italian heritage, for example, Charles Martinet, Mario's longtime voice actor, for the role.


What Was Chris Pratt’s Response?

Chris Pratt responded to criticism regarding his portrayal of Mario in several ways. Initially, he mentioned working closely with directors to create a unique voice for the character. On The Kelly Clarkson Show, he defended his approach, noting that Mario doesn't have extensive dialogue in the video games and that they aimed to develop the character for the film's narrative.

When asked about sounding more Italian, Pratt encouraged people to watch the movie, assuring fans that it respects the Mario world and hinted at a cinematic universe. Finally, at the Super Mario Bros. Los Angeles premiere, he acknowledged fans' passion and their concerns about adaptations of beloved franchises.


Timeline Of All Chris Pratt’s Controversies

Chris Pratt Responds To The Drama About The Comment About His Ex-wife Source: Google Images
Being loved by many but at the same time, Christ Pratt was voted "The Worst Chris in Hollywood". Here’s why:

Alleged Controversial Tweets
Controversial tweets surface, including jokes about being a "crooked" cop and insensitive remarks.
Volume and Subtitles Video
Pratt posts a video urging followers to turn up the volume, drawing criticism from the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

Blue-Collar Representation Comment
Pratt complains about a lack of personal stories in film during an interview, receiving backlash.
Hunting Post Controversy
Pratt shares a hunting picture criticized for glamorizing hunting and making comments about consuming the animal.
Alleged Hillsong Church Affiliation
Rumors circulate about Pratt and his wife attending Hillsong Church, known for its anti-LGBTQ stance.

Elliot Page's Call-Out
Elliot Page criticizes Pratt for not addressing his church's anti-LGBTQ stance, sparking controversy.
Nov 2021
Shading Anna Faris (Pratt's ex wife)
Pratt's Instagram tribute mentioning a "healthy daughter" causes backlash and accusations of shading Anna Faris.
Denial of Hillsong Affiliation
Pratt denies ever attending Hillsong Church in 2022.

Chris Pratt's vocal performance as Mario
Desire for Pratt to adopt a more authentic Italian accent 


The latest Chris Pratt's controversy over his voice-acting of Mario in the Super Mario Bros. movie is just one episode in a series of controversies that have followed the actor throughout his career.

From questions about his affiliation with Hillsong Church to insensitive comments and social media missteps, Pratt has found himself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. As Pratt's career continues to evolve, his ability to navigate these controversies and engage with his audience will remain a topic of discussion.

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