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  2. Culinary Community Mourns Chris Jarosz's Death: “He Made Sacramento A Better Place”
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Chris Jarosz Sacramento Car Accident: Updates As Restaurateur Mourned By Many

Culinary community in Sacramento is in shock that a beloved friend, restaurateur, and contributor passed away in a tragic accident on Highway 50. Chris Jarosz’s Sacramento car accident left a huge scar on those who loved and admired the man for what he had done to better the local business.

Before passing, Chris was famous for being a dedicated restaurant owner that contributed most of his life to make Sacramento a better place, per his family and friends.

In today’s article, we will detail everything that happened in this tragic event. So stay tuned.


Chris Jarosz Sacramento Car Accident: Latest Updates, What Happened?

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Sacramento County authorities have identified Chris Jarosz, aged 55 and a highly regarded local restaurant owner, as the victim of a fatal accident on Highway 50 on May 24.

According to California Highway Patrol (CHP) reports, Jarosz’s SUV veered into a lane that had been closed off for construction work on Highway 50 near 50th Street. Despite an active arrow board indicating the diversion, the vehicle collided with a trailer and the rear of a parked flatbed truck before coming to a halt.

The CHP confirmed that Jarosz was not wearing a seatbelt and was pronounced dead at the scene. Fortunately, the two highway workers in the flatbed truck were unharmed.

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Sacramento County coroner's office later corroborated the identity of the deceased as Chris Jarosz. "Learning of Chris’s demise has left us deeply saddened," said Condie on a Facebook post. "His warm and friendly nature made him exceptionally approachable. He was a cornerstone of the Sacramento restaurant community. He will be sorely missed, and our hearts go out to his friends and family."

When the incident took place in around 2 a.m ,inside the truck were two employees, luckily survived..


Culinary Community Mourns Chris Jarosz's Death: “He Made Sacramento A Better Place”

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Heartfelt Messages

Jot Condie, President and CEO of the California Restaurant Association, expressed deep sorrow, stating, "The passing of Jarosz is a tremendous loss to the industry. We're all still reeling in shock."

Patrick Mulvaney, another well-known restaurateur, conveyed his own feelings of loss to KCRA 3, emphasizing that although they were industry competitors, a strong sense of mutual respect had always existed between them. "Sharing hospitality with someone in the business, who truly understands your work, is a rare gift," Mulvaney said.

In a heartfelt statement shared on Facebook, Anonimo Pizza expressed their profound sorrow over the tragic accident that befell their leader, Chris Jarosz, resulting in his untimely passing. 

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Their message extended condolences to Jarosz's family and close friends, and they invoked blessings for him to rest in peace. They also conveyed the sentiment that Chris would be deeply missed during this difficult time.

Meanwhile, Broderick declined to provide any comments regarding Jarosz's tragic demise, choosing to remain silent on the matter for the time being.

Jarosz had also previously held the esteemed position of President within the Sacramento chapter of the California Restaurant Association (CRA). 

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Jot Condie, the current President and CEO of the CRA, shared a poignant statement on Facebook, expressing their profound sadness upon learning of Chris's passing. 

Condie fondly remembered Chris as an exceptionally warm and friendly individual, embodying an easygoing, approachable, and likable personality. 

Furthermore, he highlighted Chris's unwavering dedication to the Sacramento restaurant community and its hard-working staff. The statement concluded by expressing that Chris's absence would be keenly felt, and their thoughts were with his family and friends during this challenging time.

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A Man Sacaramento Will Miss

Patrick Mulvaney, the proprietor of Mulvaney's B&L situated in midtown, spokle of Jarosz with a profound sense of admiration and shock.

"The gravity of this loss is just beginning to settle in; it's so sudden, so raw," Mulvaney remarked to CBS13.

The camaraderie between Mulvaney and Jarosz wasn't a fleeting one; it spanned over a decade and a half. Mulvaney is adamant that Jarosz was instrumental in the essence of Sacramento's culinary scene.

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"Our collective efforts in the hospitality sector have reshaped the industry. Chris's influence was undeniably pivotal, and his absence will be deeply felt," he expressed.

Mulvaney fervently wishes that Sacramento cherishes Jarosz's legacy as a trailblazer.

""He saw opportunities and took the bold step to make them happen, and in doing that, I would argue he made Sacramento a better place," Mulvaney reflected.


Who Is Chris Jarosz?

Chris Jarosz background Source: Google Images

Jarosz was known for a variety of dining establishments throughout Sacramento, including Broderick Roadhouse and Anonimo Pizza. 

His influence in the industry also extends to the opening of Oak Park Brewery and a prior co-ownership of Localis, a Michelin-starred restaurant, before selling it to its current head chef.

In a recent venture, Jarosz inaugurated Bones Craft Kitchen in Davis earlier this year. "Jarosz had an uncanny knack for elevating even simple dishes," remarked Condie. "He brought a signature touch of 'craveable' food to the Sacramento culinary scene."

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Born in Massachusetts in 1968, Jarosz moved to Sacramento in 2000. Supported by his wife and three daughters during the 2008 recession, he owned notable establishments like Localis, Saddle Rock, and the Wicked ‘Wich food truck. 

He sold Localis in the late 2010s, which later received a Michelin star. Jarosz attempted to revive Oak Park Brewing Co. in 2019. In 2018, Melissa Sanchez of Harvest Law Group sued him, alleging fraud after selling two restaurants to Jarosz.


A Final Word

Chris Jarosz conclusion Source: Google Images

In a tragic series of events, the Chris Jarosz’s Sacramento car accident took away one of the allegedly most recognizable restaurateurs in Sacramento. Not only did his family and friends mourn his loss, but regulars in the Sacramento culinary scene were also in shock. 

As his loss deeply saddened the community, his legacy will still live on and inspire those who knew and loved Chris. R.I.P. Chris; you will be missed.

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