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Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 14 Cast and Recap

Searching for Chicago Med season 8 episode 14 cast & recap? Asher is in the midst of her workout at the gym when her phone rings. She assures the caller that they can find her at the emergency room. When Sharon discovers that Ben and Maggie are back together in one place, she rejoices. Maggie appreciates her help and is grateful for her encouragement. Sharon is about to go to her budget meeting when an ad for version 2.0 comes on.
Asher protects her patient's privacy by stating that they are gym buddies. A baby has been born to Liza. She prefers Asher as her physician and is unhappy about having to see someone else. Asher is the one she has her sights set on. Before going on, let's check the information about the cast in this episode

#1. Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 14 Cast

Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 14 Cast Source: Chicago Med
  • Nick Gehlfuss plays Dr. Will Halstead
  • S. Epatha Merkerson plays Sharon Goodwin
  • Oliver Platt plays Dr. Daniel Charles
  • Dominic Rains plays Dr. Crockett Marcel
  • Jessy Schram plays Dr. Hannah Asher
  • Brian Tee plays Dr. Ethan Choi
  • Marlyne Barrett plays Maggie Campbell
  • Guy Lockard plays Dr. Dylan Scott
  • Steven Weber plays Dr. Dean Archer

#2. Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 14 Recap

Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 14 Cast Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 14 Cast
Maggie makes fun of Marcel for becoming an infomercial "star." A construction mishap occurs, and a guy loses a hand after cutting it off with a circular saw. Hannah approaches Archer about collaborating with Liza. As the emergency room (ED) is understaffed, he urges her to move quickly. Sharon has someone in mind to fill a vacant board seat.
Dayton wants to promote a retired buddy but does some lobbying for biotech, and he insists that Sharon have lunch with him today. The next time we hear from him will be after the event. Marcel assures the patient's wife he will provide an update. He breaks the news to Maggie that saving the hand is quite unlikely. It's healthy, but the amputation stump isn't. Thus, the hand won't make it.
Will encounters a person who claims they were injured in a vehicle crash due to his negligence. He also has hypertension and end-stage renal disease. He is also familiar with Cuevas. She is the organizer of a group for people with long-term health problems. He was so rushed after finding out he was getting a new kidney that he crashed his car. Cuevas assures him that he may take his time but must allow Will to examine him. According to Will, he may still be able to complete the operation.
Concerned that her union could go on strike, Liliana is worried about her job security. She claims she cannot afford to stay unemployed since she sends money back to her family. The future is rosy in Charles's estimation. It hurts Liza a lot to move about. Babies have their umbilical cords compressed. She could have to have a C-section, which she is trying to avoid. It appears like the drug has the desired effect.


Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 14 Recap
Hannah has promised that a C-section will be performed if the baby's heart rate lowers. To that end, Marcel has an idea. If you strap his hand to his leg behind his knee for a week or so, then use version 2.0 to fix it, his hand should be functional enough for him to return to work. Maggie thinks he'll require physical or cognitive therapy, and there are other possibilities as well. Rob is eager to get started with this.
Unfortunately for Liza, it is now too late to schedule the C-section. It's a girl, and she gets to hold her once she's born. The baby's cries, however, have become too much for Liza. Will thinks Isaac's compression fracture is evidence of cancer spreading to the bone. If that is the case, Isaac must wait until tomorrow to receive his kidney. As a result, Isaac is home alone with the kids. Maggie wonders if going through with the surgery is a good idea.
As 2.0, according to Marcel, will be analyzing blood flow. Maggie claims that his 2.0 commitment is too great. After a while of arguing, Dayton steps in. He claims his cameraman is eager to record the operation. Grace says she will ensure the cameraman stays out of Marcel's way. Sharon is so excited to get to lunch that she doesn't mind waiting for the sluggish elevator. Charles wants to know why the janitors can't get a pay hike.
Next, every union will request a pay increase, Sharon argues. When Hannah informed Liza that she would be returning to the ED, she discovered that Liza had overdosed on heroin in the restroom. Archer requests that Hannah report this to DFCS per protocol. Hannah insists she is determined to assist Liza and will wait to tell anybody until she finds a solution that allows her to continue caring for the baby while receiving treatment.


Archer allows her to stay till the evening. 2.o is essential to Marcel. When Dayton's phone rings, he loses focus. Grace prevents Marcel from obliging the videographer's request that he move aside. If Isaac develops cancer, Will warns Cuevas, and it might kill off his new kidney. But if he informs Isaac, then he's no longer a target. He feels a responsibility to the hospital to conduct a thorough investigation because to do otherwise would be irresponsible.
When he wants anything, Jack allegedly gets aggressive, according to George. He insists he will not serve as a spokesperson for any lobbying organizations. This medical facility delivered him and set his first broken arm. He calls Chicago "home," and the hospital there has a special meaning to him. Yet he isn't the sort to merely show up at charity events. He is creative in his thinking.
On his visit with Hannah and Liza, the social worker unexpectedly encounters Hannah and requests to speak with Liza. Hannah claims it was a mistake and did not require a review. As Hannah confronts Archer, she rudely interrupts their meeting. He insists that he didn't put in the call. The flow is inadequate. Grace has a low confidence interval (2.0) and a poor assessment score. There's no telling what to do with Marcel around.
There's no horizon for him to see. Isaac is unhappy and refuses to get the MRI. Will share this information with Dr. Jones. The discomfort, according to Isaac, was something he shouldn't have acknowledged in the first place. He insists on meeting with Dr. Jones. Liza phoned DCFS on her own, which Hannah discovered. As much as Liza wants to be clean for her child, she can't make herself.


Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 14 Cast
Sharon had enjoyed herself much but must now return to her duties. George proposes to her on a cocktail date. The anxious Liliana approaches Charles for help. She claims the media has requested an interview with her. In his opinion, this is a terrible plan, Charles warns her. Liliana is speaking out because she claims the hospital is bringing in replacement staff from out of town in the event of a strike.
Jack reveals to Sharon that George is detonating his phone. Sharon has said that she will not oppose his election. Jack tells her he told her so and walks away. It's Daniel, dropping by to visit Sharon. She hates the thought of flying while covered in scabs but knows she needs to be ready for anything. Charles is on team Liliana. Sharon resents him ordering her about. Even though a biopsy has yet to be performed, cancer has already been diagnosed in Isaac.
Will is in a bad mood. Cuevas speculates that the early diagnosis may have saved his life. The social worker has located a foster mother. After Liza is done with her therapy, they will reevaluate. Liza is considering giving the baby the name Hannah. Despite his continued faith in version 2.0, Marcel informs Grace that he has moved a procedure to a conventional operating room.
Charles departs to see how Liliana is doing. To better understand why he backs her, she wonders whether he would be prepared to talk to the press. He claims he can't because of rules. The process, according to Liliana, would be completely discreet. Charles is doubtful if he could achieve it. She claims she gets it, but her tone betrays her distress.
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