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  1. #1. The fate of Stella Kidd
  2. #2. The return of Wendy Seager
  3. #3. The long hiatus

Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 16 Spoilers: What Will Happen To Stella Kidd?

If you are looking for some Chicago Fire season 11 episode 16 spoilers, you have come to the right place. If you are a fan of this show, you know that it never fails to deliver heart-stopping action and drama. But the next episode might be the most shocking and emotional one yet.
Why? Because it will reveal the fate of one of our favorite characters: Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo). In case you missed it, Kidd was trapped in a burning building with no way out in the last episode. Will she survive? And what will happen to her relationship with Severide (Taylor Kinney)? In this blog post, we will share some Chicago Fire season 11 episode 16 spoilers that will make you eager to watch the next episode.

#1. The fate of Stella Kidd

Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 16 SpoilersSource: NewscastStudio

Stella Kidd is one of the bravest and most beloved firefighters on Chicago Fire. She has proven herself as a leader and a mentor to many. She has also found love with Severide, who proposed to her earlier this season. But all that could change in a matter of seconds.
In the previous episode, Kidd was leading a group of recruits on a training exercise when they encountered a real fire at an abandoned warehouse. While trying to rescue one of the recruits, Kidd got separated from the rest and ended up in a room full of flames and smoke. The episode ended with a cliffhanger, leaving us wondering if she will make it out alive.
According to the TV promo for the next episode, titled “The Other Side”, we will see Severide desperately trying to find Kidd and save her. He will also have to deal with his own guilt and fear as he blames himself for putting her in danger. The showrunner Derek Haas has teased that this episode will be “one of our most emotional episodes ever”. He also said that “there will be consequences” for what happened to Kidd. Does that mean she will die? Or will she suffer some serious injuries or trauma? We will have to wait and see.
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#2. The return of Wendy Seager

The return of Wendy SeagerSource: NBC

While Severide is facing his worst nightmare, he will also have to deal with an unexpected visitor: Wendy Seager (Andy Allo). Seager is an arson investigator who worked with Severide briefly in season 8. She had a crush on him and tried to seduce him, but he rejected her because he was loyal to Kidd.
Seager is back on Chicago Fire because she has been assigned to work with Severide on a new arson investigation program. She claims that she has moved on from her feelings for him and that she just wants to be his partner and friend. But can we trust her? Or does she still have ulterior motives?
Severide might not be too happy about working with Seager again, especially after what happened to Kidd. He might feel uncomfortable or resentful towards her. He might also worry about how Kidd would react if she finds out about their partnership. Will Seager cause more trouble for Severide and Kidd? Or will she prove herself as a valuable ally?
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#3. The long hiatus

Chicago Fire cast smiling and posting pictures togetherSource: The List

If you are like us, you are probably dying to watch Chicago Fire season 11 episode 16 right now. But unfortunately, we have to wait for almost three weeks before we can see it on our screens. Why is that?
Well, NBC has decided to put Chicago Fire and its sister shows Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med on a long hiatus until March 22. This is not unusual for these shows, as they usually take breaks during February or March every year due to scheduling conflicts or production delays.
But this year’s hiatus feels longer than usual because of how intense and dramatic the last episodes were. We are left hanging on so many questions and cliffhangers that we can’t wait to get answers for. So how can we cope with this long wait? Well, we can rewatch some old episodes or catch up on some other shows while we wait. We can also read some fan theories or spoilers online (like this blog post) or join some online discussions or forums with other fans. But most importantly, we can mark our calendars and set our alarms for March 22 at 9/8c on NBC when Chicago Fire season 11 episode 16 finally airs. Don’t miss Chicago Fire season 11 episode 16 on March 22 on NBC. It will be a thrilling ride that you won’t forget. is a website that provides you with Entertainment information and creative ideas to refresh your days. To know more about updated lifestyle and entertainment news, visit our site daily.

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