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  1. Meet Charles Pol’s Brother In Law, Ben Reinhold

Who Is Charles Pol’s Brother-In-Law? Meet Ben Reinhold In The Incredible Pol Farm

Diving into the heart of family-centered reality TV, Charles Pol's brother-in-law, Ben Reinhold, emerges as an important character. His involvement in the National Geographic Wild series "The Incredible Pol Farm" adds a special aspect to the family narrative.


Meet Charles Pol’s Brother In Law, Ben Reinhold

Charles Pol Brother In Law Ben Reinhold Source: benreinholdmichigan

Ben Reinhold, who lives in Rochester Hills, is not just a landscaping business owner but also a key player in the National Geographic Wild series "The Incredible Pol Farm." His connection with the Pol family, particularly as Beth Pol's brother and Charles Pol's friend, has led him to play a significant role in this family project. Reinhold's expertise in landscaping and his commitment to family values are a big part of what he does in building a 350-acre family farm. This endeavor, more than just a job, represents a personal experience for Reinhold, showing his community's spirit in Rochester Hills.

Ben Reinhold's Role In "The Incredible Pol Farm"

In "The Incredible Pol Farm," Ben Reinhold is shown as himself, bringing his actual experience to the screen. His involvement in the series shows what he does in the creation of the family farm, giving viewers a real insight into his contributions and interactions with the Pol family. He is confirmed to make appearances in two episodes of the series.


Ben Reinhold's Career

Outside the world of reality TV, Ben Reinhold is the owner of Courtyard Stone & Landscape in Rochester Hills. His work background in landscaping plays an important role in the growing of the Pol family's 350-acre farm, mixing his job with his personal life.

Ben Reinhold's Social Media

Ben Reinhold can be found on Instagram, providing fans and followers a chance to connect with him beyond the screen.

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