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  1. #1. Casey Anthony Where The Truth Lies Reviews

'Casey Anthony Where The Truth Lies' Reviews: Stream Or Skip?

Searching for the Casey Anthony Where The Truth Lies Reviews? Here we go! Produced by Abby Hoyt (This is Paris) and others, the three-part docuseries Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies marks the first time the accused murder victim has been given a chance to share her story with the public.
Case in point: in 2011, Anthony was tried for the 2008 murder of her 3-year-old daughter Caylee, but a jury ruled her not guilty. Numerous other shows and films have covered the case and Anthony, most recently Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery (2017), but this time it is Anthony who is in charge of telling her story. There are references to sexual assault and other forms of abuse, so beware.

#1. Casey Anthony Where The Truth Lies Reviews

Casey Anthony Where The Truth Lies Reviews Source: Peacock
In the pilot, we see Casey Anthony arrive at the South Florida house they hired for the interviews. Anthony displays the few photos and artworks she still has of Caylee. Following this, numerous news video clips from 2008 and 2011 are aired, contrasting the attention Anthony received 14 years ago with the attention she receives now. Notably, the attempt to emphasize the importance of this docuseries by saying that "she has not done a single on-camera interview since she was acquitted in her murder trial" sticks out.
Anthony notes that she has put in a lot of effort over the past decade, "making sure I knew who I was," which has given her the confidence and assurance to speak up now. We also see Casey in action as she goes on a hike and works as a research assistant for Patrick McKenna, the lead investigator on her 2011 case, before she briefly discusses the birth of Caylee and what it meant to her to become a mother.

How Was Casey Anthony Acquitted?

Casey Anthony Where The Truth Lies Reviews
The scene then shifts to "The Case Against Casey," in which investigator John Allen, who oversaw the Anthony investigation, gives his thoughts on the events that transpired. Cindy Anthony, Caylee's grandmother, called 911 on July 15, 2008, to report that her granddaughter Caylee, then three years old, had been missing for a month and that Casey had not reported it. When the detectives tried to find Caylee, they discovered that the apartment where she was supposed to be residing was deserted, disproving Anthony's claim that a nanny had abducted her.
Eric Edwards, another officer, showed the Anthony residence and explained the situation. During this preliminary inquiry, the detectives bring up Anthony's lack of emotional response to her kid going missing and other lies she told, such as saying she worked at Universal Studios when she did not. The representation of the case in the media is another area of focus.

Casey Anthony Case Details: Updated After New Documentary

Casey Anthony Where The Truth Lies Reviews
In a video showing Anthony's parents, Cindy and George, giving interviews, handing out Caylee-themed T-shirts, and even conducting vigil plays, local investigative reporter Tony Pipitone describes the picture that was painted of Caylee and how they, too, set a narrative. Jacqueline Hampton, a local journalist, describes how the rise of social media and its impact on this case changed the way we see true crime stories. Even after Anthony posts bond and is free to go out and party and get a tattoo, why she hasn't shown any emotion thus far remains unanswered. Friends of Anthony's ex-boyfriend Tony Lazzaro had spoken about how she acted normally before and after her daughter disappeared.
At last, Anthony tells us what happened to Casey in her own words in "Casey's narrative." She did lie to the police, she says, but Caylee was still important to her. An ex-best friend of hers, Annie Goderwis, also comes to her defense, saying that "[Anthony] didn't kill her child" and that the party images were shot out of context and out of time. After the producer probed for a reason behind Anthony's deception, she reveals that she has spent her "whole life up to that point" avoiding certain emotions and suppressing certain memories. She then elaborates on her early life, detailing how her father cheated her mother out of money and had extramarital affairs.


Casey Anthony Where The Truth Lies Reviews
Anthony also describes how her father abused her from the age of eight until she was twelve and then by her brother from the age of twelve until she was fifteen. She never told anybody about the abuse because she was worried her mother would punish her. Kaylee was conceived when she was 18 and said she lied to her partner, claiming the pregnancy was his.
She hid the truth from Caylee because she didn't want her daughter to be devastated by knowing how bad things were when she was conceived. She justifies her deceit by saying no one has ever questioned her motivations. Goderwis chimes in once more to claim that Anthony frequently told him that she was lying and doing what "they" (perhaps law enforcement, lawyers) were directing her to do. This explanation reveals them (Casey's father) to be "they."
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