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  1. #1. Casey Anthony Crime Scene: Break Down

Casey Anthony Crime Scene: Break Down

Searching for Casey Anthony Crime Scene? Here we go! Burroughs was the one who answered the phone when the Orange County, Florida, dispatcher said that Anthony's white Pontiac Sunfire "smelled like a dead body" and needed to be searched. The Anthony residence was the site of multiple search warrants she executed. Moreover, Burroughs spent 11 days at the site in December 2008, when Caylee Anthony's body was discovered, carefully collecting the child's remains and other evidence.
Burroughs claims, "My role was to gather the evidence." This is why I enjoyed working as a CSI. Reality is unbiased and does not favor any certain viewpoint. Everybody else is out for themselves. The facts don't give a hoot about your biases. The facts do not lie otherwise.

#1. Casey Anthony Crime Scene: Break Down

Casey Anthony Crime Scene Source: Getty Images
Over the next three years, Burroughs devoted many hours to researching the Anthony case. The victim, Burroughs claims, is Caylee, and he's there to help her. I still feel that way to this day since that was my job. Burroughs claims that she found inconsistencies between Anthony's new interview and the facts of the case after seeing it herself.

Is it Possible That Casey Anthony's Car Carried Caylee's Body?

Casey Anthony Crime Scene
Anthony said that her father, George Anthony, had stolen Caylee from her bed while she was sleeping during an interview. She claimed that she found her father cradling the lifeless toddler when she returned home.
And he was right there with her, she claims. "She was completely drenched. I was given her by him. She blamed me for it. It was my fault, they said. However, he did not immediately call for help or attempt CPR on her. In my arms, I fainted with her. She was sluggish and icy.
Then, Anthony said that George removed Caylee's body and that she drove off in her white Pontiac Sunfire to stay with her lover. There seems to be a discrepancy between Anthony's account that her father took care of disposing the body and that the Pontiac smelled like a dead body when recovered weeks later.
According to Burroughs, "the weight of the evidence indicates that a human body was located in Casey's automobile trunk." The banding on Caylee's hairs and the stench of decay both suggested that she had already passed away.


Casey Anthony Crime Scene
Anthony claims in the interview that she hoped her daughter was still alive following her interaction with George. She claims, "I really thought Caylee was still alive for all 31 days." My dad kept assuring me that she would be fine. I needed to adhere to his directives. I followed his instructions. For the most part, I attempted to keep a straight face. Casey would not have asked her neighbors for a shovel if she didn't think Caylee was still alive. The neighbor borrowed a shovel, so I drove to her house to return it. What could have been the rationale behind that?
The cadaver dogs had located a potential burial site in the family's backyard, but Burroughs explains that there were too many roots in the area to bury anything there. She didn't need to borrow the shovel if no one buried the dead in the backyard, but that still doesn't explain why she did.

Where Did The Duct Tape Go?

Casey Anthony Crime Scene
The prosecution testified at trial that Caylee's head was bound with duct tape. The defense claimed it was near where Caylee had been thrown out. The duct tape was not a major topic of discussion, but Burroughs uses it to illustrate how the stories don't add together.
If there isn't anything holding a mandible in place in a decomposing body, the medical examiner says, the jaw will separate from the skull. The defense claimed no DNA evidence because none had been found on the duct tape. It had been exposed to the elements for six months, including heat, wetness, sun, and wind. Even at one point, it was submerged. In an interview, Burroughs, host of Discovery ID's Crime Scene Confidential, said she tried to take her emotions out of her evaluation of Anthony's interview but that she noted that Anthony cried more for herself than for her kid.
She explains. "Whenever there was a display of sentiment, it was always focused on how she was experiencing the loss and how it pertained to her." The questions she wanted to be answered were the ones she'd have if she'd experienced the strange disappearance of a daughter, she said. The thought, "I hope my child was not terrified, or alone, or in agony. I pray she wasn't having any trouble. Casey often discussed her emotions, but why did she never mention Caylee's? That should have been a major warning sign.
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