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  2. Camp Hideout Trailer: Pack Your Bag! We’re Going To Summer Camp!
  3. High School Musical, Tiktok/YouTube Comedy Cast
  4. Home Alone Goes Summer Camp
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Camp Laughs And Life Lessons With “Camp Hideout” (2023): Plot, Cast, Release Date

"Camp Hideout" is a heartwarming family comedy that will rediscover the joys of summer camp through the eyes of mischievous teen Noah. Directed by Sean Olson and featuring a talented ensemble cast, this delightful movie offers a blend of humor, life lessons, and memorable characters.

Join us on a journey that promises an unforgettable journey filled with laughter, adventure, and the importance of sticking together. 

camp hideout movie release date Source: Google Images
Release DateSeptember 15, 2023
Sean Olson 
Kat Olson | C. Neil Davenport | Dave DeBorde 
Corbin Bleu | Ethan Drew | Amanda Leighton
GenreComedy | Family

Release Date

Reignite the nostalgia of summer camp adventures! The release date for this upcoming family comedy is September 15, 2023 for theatrical approaches.


Camp Hideout Trailer: Pack Your Bag! We’re Going To Summer Camp!

The trailer offers an exciting glimpse into the upcoming summer vacation comedy. Directed by Sean Olson and scripted by Kat Olson, get ready for a dose of summer camp hilarity and camaraderie.


High School Musical, Tiktok/YouTube Comedy Cast

cast of camp hideout Source: Google Images

The cast of "Camp Hideout" boasts a talented ensemble cast led by actor Ethan Drew, recognized for his role in Nickelodeon's "Danger Force." Ethan's early foray into Entertainment included a YouTube comedy series and a growing TikTok following. 

Amanda Leighton, acclaimed for her voice work in "The Powerpuff Girls" joins the lineup. Corbin Bleu, renowned for early commercial and movie roles, including "High School Musical," contributes his talents to the ensemble. 

Here is a detailed list of cast members:

  • Corbin Bleu as Jake
  • Ethan Drew as Noah
  • Amanda Leighton as Selena
  • Christopher Lloyd as Falco
  • Tyler Kowalski as Oliver
  • Zion Wyatt as Chase
  • Jenna Raine Simmons as Mallory
  • Josh Inocalla as Charlie
  • Joshua Childs as Willis
  • Luca Alexander as Trey
  • Raphael Ruggero as Drew
  • Tucker Brown as Paulie
  • Isabelle Almoyan as Becky

Home Alone Goes Summer Camp

The movie follows the story of Noah (Ethan Drew), a troubled teenager who narrowly avoids capture after attempting to steal a top-secret gadget from some urban criminals.

To evade his pursuers, he seeks refuge in a summer camp overseen by the quirky Falco and counselors Jake and Selena. As Noah attempts to blend in with the camp's lively attendees, his partners arrive to retrieve the classified item now in his possession.

Amid a series of comical and unpredictable events, including improvised traps, will Noah manage to outsmart the criminals and perhaps learn a valuable lesson in the process?


Can I Stream At Home?

Currently, there is no official confirmation regarding the streaming platform that will host "Camp Hideout."



"Camp Hideout" stands as a promising addition to the world of family comedies. With its endearing characters, relatable life lessons, and the charm of summer camp, it's a movie that appeals to both young and old. Get ready to laugh, learn, and cherish the spirit of adventure when you join Noah and his fellow campers in this heartwarming movie.

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