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  1. Who Is Bunny Hedaya's Husband: Harry Hedaya's Wikipedia
  2. What We Know About Harry Hedaya's Divorce With Bunny
  3. What's Harry Hedaya's Age?
  4. What's Harry Hedaya's Net Worth?
  5. More Facts About Bunny Hedaya’s Husband
  6. About Harry Hedaya’s Career
  7. Who's Harry Hedaya's Parents?
  8. What's Harry Hedaya's Social Media Accounts?
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Meet Harry Hedaya, Bunny Hedaya's Husband: Divorce, Net Worth & More

Who is Bunny Hedaya’s husband? Social media aficionados all know Bunny Hedaya, who’s mostly known for her model career and her own impressive clothing label. Recently, she parted ways with her ex-husband, Harry Hedaya, who’s an equally successful businessman. Their divorce, as expected, made headlines on the internet for weeks.

Compared to his ex-wife Bunny, Harry Hedaya’s life and personal details are still mostly shrouded in mystery. Let’s learn more about the businessman’s background as we skim through this article!


Who Is Bunny Hedaya's Husband: Harry Hedaya's Wikipedia

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  • Full Name: Harry Hedaya
  • Date of Birth: October 1967
  • Age: 55
  • Gender: Male
  • Nationality: American
  • Birthplace: Florida, United States
  • Height: 5’11” ft (approximately 180cm)
  • Weight: 76 kilograms (approximately 167.5 pounds)
  • Family: Unknown
  • Education: University of Tampa (Graduated)
  • Occupation: Businessman, Entrepreneur
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Ex-Wife: Bunny Hedaya
  • Children: Aiden Hedaya (son)
  • Net Worth: $15 - 18 Million

What We Know About Harry Hedaya's Divorce With Bunny

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Harry and Bunny Hedaya had been married for years before parting ways recently in 2023. The two have a son together, named Aiden, and manage a successful business.

Even after their divorce, both Harry and Bunny remain close friends and visit their child frequently. The shocking news was shared by Bunny on her social media account.

However, many fans of the couple believe that the split was actually staged in order to build up viewership for their latest reality show, Legally Bunny. Other sources claimed that the two divorced due to personal struggles.


What's Harry Hedaya's Age?

Harry Hedaya was born in October 1967 in Florida, USA. He studied at the University of Tampa between 1986-1990 and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Finance.


What's Harry Hedaya's Net Worth?

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Being a successful businessman and trader, Harry has built quite a fortune for himself. His current net worth is around $15-18 million. He’s also known for his investment acumen, having invested in several startup enterprises and real estate ventures.

Besides, Bunny Hedaya’s husband is also a renowned philanthropist, who often donates his money to charitable organizations, activities, and education.


More Facts About Bunny Hedaya’s Husband

While residing in the backdrop of his ex-wife's flourishing fashion empire, Harry has played a vital role as a supportive partner, contributing significantly to the business's growth.

Despite his success, Harry appears to be a humble and down-to-earth person, gaining many fans in the process.


About Harry Hedaya’s Career

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After graduating from university, Harry started his career as a trader and worked for multiple financial firms. With his vast knowledge of the market,  strategic vision, and undisputable leadership, the businessman quickly made a name for himself and became an expert in the field.

Harry‘s leadership and skill allow Bunny Hedaya’s husband to establish and develop multiple successful companies across the United States, Some of his most flourishing companies include Real Estate Mortgage Acceptance Company, The Loan Corporation, Encompass Marketing, and Send It By Text. 

All of his companies are versatile and operate in various fields of expertise. As the CEO and founder of these industries, Harry still manages to guide them to success with his extraordinary vision and leadership. In terms of making money, he’s standing on equal ground as his ex-wife Bunny. The two were managing a fruitful business together prior to the split.


Who's Harry Hedaya's Parents?

While being pretty famous himself, Harry Hedaya tries his best to keep his family away from public speculation. There is little to no information about his parents or siblings. He also rarely talks about them on social media platforms.


What's Harry Hedaya's Social Media Accounts?

Unlike his wife, Bunny Hedaya’s husband rarely appears on social media platforms. He doesn’t use Instagram or Twitter, however, you can find his own blog, where he writes multiple articles about his business and startup advice.



While he isn’t as famous as his ex-wife, Harry Hedaya is still a very successful figure in the business world. Not only has he founded multiple lucrative companies across the US, but he also regularly donates his money to greater causes. Therefore, it’s a shame to see the powerful couple parting ways, as they were destined to do great things together.

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